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IBM Center for Cloud Training Offers New Learning Path for Financial Services

By Natalie Brooks Powell posted Mon October 04, 2021 04:21 PM


The cloud isn’t the same for every industry. Financial services, in particular, face a host of unique challenges, including extremely high standards for resiliency, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.

The IBM Center for Cloud Training offers a Financial Services learning path that can prepare you to take on these challenges. Through its courses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of relevant business drivers, compliance issues, technology limitations, dependencies, and implementation considerations.

Coursework includes:  

An Introduction to IBM Cloud for Financial Services: Learn the business drivers, customer issues, challenges and differentiators of IBM Cloud for Financial Services. It covers unique segments of the financial services industry, and how IBM’s cloud-based architecture addresses insurance and banking industry needs.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services – Components, Risk and Compliance: This course covers components of IBM Cloud for Financial Services, industry regulation and compliance framework, managing and mitigating risk, and the IBM Cloud for Financial Services ecosystem.

Customer Workload Environment: This course addresses making recommendations and identifying existing applications for migration, assessing application and technology limitations, and identifying dependencies between internally and externally hosted applications.

 Technical Solution Design: Learn about reference architectures, required vs. roadmap components, compliance monitoring, differences inherent in the IBM Cloud for Financial Services environment, and the benefits and components of a CI/CD pipeline.

Implementation Considerations: This course addresses IBM Cloud Enterprise features and benefits, if IBM Cloud services have been validated for financial services, configuring and using Code Risk Analyzer, and the relationship between code, terraform, automation and schematics.

Compliance Reports & Service Level Agreements: Learn how to interpret IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center (SCC) data, how to view current posture, how to strategically improve compliance scores, and determining contractual SLAs based on customer requirements.

Visit the IBM Center for Cloud Training at and start learning today. 

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