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IBM Champion Spotlight: Seigo Tanaka

By Namitha K posted Mon November 13, 2023 07:20 AM


Meet Seigo Tanaka, an IBM Champion for Cloud and President at OneFootSeabass, celebrating 6 years as an IBM Champion! His favourite IBM product is IBM Cloud Code Engine, which he views as a versatile connector for multiple technologies. Actively engaged in the community, Tanaka-san proudly showcased impromptu tech combinations at IBM Think 2019 and IBM Hursley, enabling global communication and technology demonstrations. 

If he weren’t a part of the tech realm, he envisions himself as an avid wombat keeper!

Tanaka-san encourages tech enthusiasts, especially those intrigued by IBM technologies, to connect and share their experiences, as IBM Champion nominations are currently open. He says, "If you are interested in various technologies, including IBM's, this is the best opportunity to connect with them and share your experience!”

Tanaka-san has recently presented a session "Demo performance that connects to the real world and interacts with technology using Code Engine" at the IBM TechXchange Conference Japan.

Lightning round:

What would be your superpower and why? Curiosity about technology and creativity!
Ice cream or cake? Ice cream!
Cats or dogs? Dogs!
Summer or winter? Summer!
Morning or evening? Morning!
eBook or paper book? eBook!
TV shows or movies? Movies.
A night out or a night in? A night in. maybe.
Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Cannonball
Go-to karaoke song? Just by having you / Kome Kome CLUB (Japanese karaoke)
Drive or fly? Fly

Connect with Seigo in LinkedIn and Community Page.

Want to be a part of the community of IBM Champions? You can jump on the path through the IBM Rising Champions advocacy badge program or nominate to become a 2024 IBM Champion through the end of November 2023.







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Mon November 13, 2023 09:13 PM

It was a nice experience having ‘Do you know IBM Champion? ’ panel together at TeckXchange  Japan. Let's increase IBM Champions in Japan.