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You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers! IBM Cloud Professional Architect Study Jam

By Myra Zeno posted Mon March 06, 2023 03:30 PM


In February, we discussed ICCT’s newly streamlined Study Jam for one of the most in-demand roles in Cloud – Professional Architect. Study Jams are our fastest, easiest way to prepare for your certification exam.

Thank you to all who joined our session! Be sure that you're all signed up for our upcoming Study Jam:

For reference, here are answers to your questions that you posed during Become an IBM Cloud Professional Architect Webinar.



How much experience on IBM Cloud is recommended before taking the exam?

Well, the exam is recommended for Architects that have some experience - the course is not teaching you how to be an architect per se and therefore, some of the broader architectural concepts are discussed in the expectation that you are already aware of what they mean. We recommend that you have perhaps a year or two of experience as an architect and understand the role of an architect before taking the exam. 

Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule, and there are in fact, no pre-requisites for taking the exam or starting the learning. Perhaps a good gauge of whether you are ready is to start the course, and see how you feel about your understanding of the material and try out some sample test questions. If you are finding it difficult, then it may be worth checking out the IBM Cloud Technical Advocate course and exam first.

Is there any training for PowerVS?  Will there be anything on the exam about it?

Yes, the course and the exam does have some Power Virtual Server coverage, mainly around use cases and availability. 

Are we able to sign up for the Study Jam yet?

Yes, you may access the learning here: IBM Cloud Professional Architect - Training. To get the most out of the study jam, it is recommended that you review the curriculum before March 7. This review will take about 14-15 hours.

I don’t see where to sign up for the Study Jam. Where on the page is the link to sign up?

Hi, view our upcoming study jam page and register here:

Hello team, are there any prerequisites before taking Cloud Professional Architect certification? Should you take any other certification before it?

No, there is a self-assessment exam on the ICCT website. Then, you can always take the free and optional courses. When you are ready to take the certification, you can set up the appointment to sit for the exam.

I want to just thank you all for developing this because I did my first ICCT exam before there was organized learning.  So, this is very much appreciated.  I'm looking forward to the future exams/certifications.

Thank you! We are elated to share with you that we have just released two new curriculums:

  1. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Specialty - Training
  2. IBM Cloud for SAP Specialty - Training

Begin your new learning today.

Is the study guide concentrated or general?

The study guides and the Jam focus on the

exam preparation. The study guides focus on practice questions with rich feedback to help you prepare for the exam.

Will any deck will be used, like questions in cert exams,  tips & tricks , to do's & not to do's , who should take this cert exam & what is the market value of this certification to the outside world who recognize IBM?

Yes, we will use decks during the study jam, and all slides will be available after the study jam.

Tips/tricks/do's/don't, etc. sample study guides, curriculum and Cloud prep app will be discussed during study jam.

Market value: IBM is a major IT company, and most of the outside world recognizes IBM Cloud certification.

Can we get vouchers for assessment / practice exams free

 to try & check how good our preparation is?

We do not provide vouchers for assessments. Please review our Cloud Prep web app. Here you will find practice quizzes, study guides and flash cards for your preparation and assessment: IBM Cloud Prep

Would the Jam be open to Non IBM Partners? i.e. anyone?

Yes, IBM Cloud Study Jams are available for IBM employees as well as clients, partners, etc. Access details here:

We plan to move Power on prem to cloud and need this education.

Awesome! Pass this valuable study jam information to your team to register and join us March 7 - 9, 2023 from 10 am - 12 pm ET. Register here:

What is the name of the exam you are prepping us for in March?

IBM Certified Professional Architect - Cloud v5

Hello James/Thomas, Good Morning. Does the Study Jam include any hands-on with an end-to-end solutioning/Architecting using IBM Cloud Services?

Hello! The study jam does include rapid fire questions, but due to time constrictions, we will not include hands on labs within the study jam. You may check out IBM Cloud Professional Architect - Training and curriculum, where labs (videos, instructions, etc.) are included.

Could you elaborate on differences between IBM Cloud Advanced Architect and IBM Cloud Professional Architect?

The Professional level is for Architects who have 1 to 2 years of practical experience.

The Advanced level is for Architects who have 3 to 4 years of comprehensive experience and want deeper insight/detail into being an Architect on IBM Cloud.

What other certifications would help me grasp the material?

You can gain basic knowledge of cloud architecture, cloud computing, from core concepts, cloud service, and deployment models by earning the IBM Cloud Advocate certification.

Start here: IBM Cloud Advocate - Training

Would it also cover Openshift and Kubernetes?

The curriculum and exam cover IBM Cloud and compute option such as VMware, OpenShift, Kubernetes, VPC, PowerVS

If I took last year's Professional Architect study jam, would it be good to take it again this year? Is it new information?

If you attended last year's Professional Architect study jam and have not yet certified, it is a great in-depth online session for you to take and advance to certification. If you are certified; it is still a great idea to attend and freshen up your skills on the things you do not use on a daily basis, with our featured SMEs. Either way, attending will be beneficial for you. Note: we now have badges within the curriculum available for you.

If I can only attend 2 of the 3 days, is it still worth attending? Will I get enough info in just two days?

Yes, absolutely it is worth your time. You can use the study guides and the ILT deck to cover the other days. These are also recorded. You can watch later to study or clarify.

Is this cloud-agnostic, is it restricted to IBM cloud, or also includes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud?

While there are commonalities for other providers, the Professional Architect curriculum and certification is focused on IBM Cloud.

Can you talk a little bit about badges?

Two badges are available throughout the curriculum (Cloud Options and Concepts) to confirm that the learner has foundational and fundamental knowledge of the topics at hand. The achievement of each badge is a steppingstone to earning the IBM Cloud Professional Architect certification.

How do we prepare for SAP Specialty exam?

You can begin with our new learning plan here: IBM Cloud for SAP Specialty - Training, then test your knowledge at the certification level with our IBM Cloud Prep web app that includes practice quizzes, study guides and flash cards to help prepare you for certification.

You can watch the on-demand recording here and share any of your questions below.