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An IDC White Paper finds Cloud certified teams have greater performance

By Myra Zeno posted Wed July 06, 2022 11:42 AM


An IDC study commissioned by IBM shows that benefits of cloud certifications are substantial and quantifiable for both professionals and the organizations where they work — with a dramatic performance jump when teams are 75% certified.

Specifically, this study found that fully certified teams achieved better results than under-certified teams in a number of areas, including:


  • Expanding the global reach of their cloud environment
  • Adding new capabilities faster
  • Leveraging cloud to scale resources on demand
  • Leveraging cloud services to reduce IT spending


In addition, fully certified teams beat under-skilled teams in across an array of speed- and risk-related measures:


  • Complete tasks 25% faster (think 6.5 months versus 8.5 months)
  • Operate effectively while reducing IT budgets
  • Enable faster modernizing of enterprise applications
  • Make compliance reporting more efficient


If your organization is undergoing a digital transformation to the cloud, these are the kinds of advantages that will resonate with your organization.

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