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Embrace Cloud Satellite: Extend Cloud Services Everywhere

By Matt Colton posted Mon August 28, 2023 10:15 PM

Session Title: Embrace Cloud Satellite: Extend Cloud Services Everywhere
Session ID: 1852
Engage in a hands-on journey to explore how swiftly you can deploy managed cloud services into your data centers or Edge locations, enabling speedy, automated delivery of Cloud Services and Applications. This interactive lab, led by seasoned instructors, showcases the rapid deployment of cloud services and applications potential across numerous locations. The session encompasses a fully automated deployment of a tech stack that includes Cloud Satellite in customer Data Centers, Red Hat OpenShift as a cloud managed service and more. The hands-on exercises use of IBM Cloud Console to create Satellite location and deploy OpenShift cloud service and configuration verification, and the swift deployment of applications. Dive into this experience and grasp how to make the most out of Cloud Satellite to help you develop a plan to speed your modernization journey, reduce technical debt, build and deliver innovative AI models to existing or new locations.