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Ready to start on the IBM Cloud Console? Here’s a quick video series to get you going!

By Landon Flores posted Wed September 16, 2020 10:02 AM


Here’s a quick video tour to get you going.

By @Landon Flores Flores, Onboarding Leader and Worldwide Leader of Digital Client Experience — Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software

If you or one of your clients is new to IBM Cloud, here’s a handy set of videos to give you a look-see tour of the most-used functions. You’ll learn how to navigate and use the IBM Cloud Console, including how to access and assign different roles, invite users, and efficiently create and access groups. Where else would we start, but with a Welcome video?

Welcome to IBM Cloud

Learn how to easily start building right away with any of the 190+ unique services on the IBM Cloud. First, you’ll see how to set up an account, create resources from the IBM Cloud catalog, then manage them from your resource list. If you just want to try out what’s in the catalog, there’s a “Lite” filter that will return offerings that are free to use.

Welcome to IBM Cloud video (2:53)

Time for a deeper dive

Watch these four videos to learn more about specific IBM Cloud Console onboarding features:  

1. Navigate the Console

Learn what’s in the IBM Cloud Console and where to find what you need, starting with the dashboard overview. Then see the IBM Cloud catalog which includes a wide variety of services to build into your unique solution. You can try more than 100 catalog offerings at no cost.

Watch:  Navigate the Console (4:59)

2. Getting Access – Role Overview

Control which users get to see, create, use, and manage resources in your account. To grant access, you can assign roles that allow users different levels of access for completing platform management tasks and accessing account resources.

Watch:  Getting Access (3:07)

3. Inviting Users

Learn how to invite users to your IBM Cloud account as well as how to add users to access groups, and manage existing users and their access within the IBM Cloud Console. 

Watch:  Inviting Users (1:44)

4. Setting Up an Access Group

See how to save yourself precious time by giving access to a group all at once, rather than one-and-one-and-one.

Watch: Setting up an Access Group (3:45)

If you’re looking for even more help… 

Sign up for personalized onboarding assistance. Our Global Client Success team offers this service for free.

Or sign up for the Getting started with IBM Cloud Console webinar which will discuss how to use the Console to administer your IBM Cloud solution and supporting services. Includes the must-know information you’ll want about getting started, managing your account, billing, users, and more.

But wait, there’s more!

If none of these resources answer your questions, or you or your clients need a little more TLC (not the television channel or singing group!), then please contact