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June IBM Champion Spotlight: Jason Juliano

By Krista Summitt posted Mon June 21, 2021 03:45 PM


Jason Juliano

For June, we’re shining the IBM Cloud Champion Spotlight on Jason Juliano, CEO of Aponia Data Solutions. Based in New York City, Jason has been an IBM Champion for three years.


Bio: Jason Juliano is a results-driven technologist and leader in inventing “think big” strategies that shape the market. Jason has over 20 years of experience as a Technology & Risk Management Executive with many Fortune 100 firms within Investment Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. He has implemented and led many business solutions that are used today in the Big Data, Cloud and Cognitive Business areas. Jason now leads Aponia, bringing their clients smarter business decisions through their Cognitive Integrated Risk Management Solution. He has been IBM Champion since 2018 in IBM Cloud, Blockchain, Data and AI. His IBM Champion activities include leading a weekly IBM Cloud and Watson webinar, running a user group, and presenting in the IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series.


Recently, Jason made time in his busy schedule to sit down and talk with me about Watson, AS/400, and his previous life as a DJ!

KS: So Jason, let’s start with your background. How did you get started working with IBM products?


JJ: My first interaction with IBM was with my First IBM 5150 8088 processor PC in 1987.  I taught myself to program in BASIC with support from online bulletin boards [a forerunner of IBM Community!) at 4800 baud transmission rates…super fast right? NOT. Fast forward, in the 90’s my first job out of college was at Bank of New York working with IBM AS/400 and distributed systems and was promoted as one of the youngest Technology Bank Officers.


KS: What activity or contribution have you made as an IBM Champion that you are most proud of and why?

JJ: I have been honored to be recognized as an IBM Champion now for the past three year for my work and involvement with IBM Cloud, Blockchain and Watson community.  I am most proud of the relationship I have built with IBMers, clients and the tech community.  For the last three years I helped build and provide thought leadership on solutions for IBM, Clients and my community.


KS: What does being an IBM Champion mean to you?


JJ: IBM Champions provide contributions by sharing their voices, experiences and expanding their sphere of influence through speaking opportunities, creative content and community networking, both virtual and in person.


KS: If someone is considering joining the IBM Community, what would you tell them?

JJ: You will interact with like-minded experts via forums, blogs, and online networking through the IBM Community. IBM community members are knowledgeable and willing to collaborate to the rest of the community members. Members of the IBM Community are friendly and welcoming, and they will give you with a lot of value.



KS: Okay Jason, now it’s time for what I call the Lightning Round of fun questions. Are you up for that?


JJ: I’m ready let’s do it!


KS: What book is on your nightstand or eReader?


JJ: I have two right now on my nightstand.  Russell Brunson’s book called Expert Secrets and Aurelien Geron’s book called Hands-On Machine Learning.


KS: Recommend a podcast you love right now.


The GaryVee podcast, he is a marketing genius!  He recently started an NFT business with blockchain called VeeFriends.  This has been most interesting, as it provides me more ideas for blockchain use cases.


What is your current favorite mobile app?


My favorite mobile apps is the one we just made called “Cara” - COVID-19 Action Response Assistant Other than that, I listen to music every day to put me in the zone, so the SiriusXM radio app is my go to.

What is your current favorite album or song?


Heartbreak Anthem by David Guetta.  I used to be a DJ many years ago, so I am extremely passionate about producing EDC music.  David is one of my favorite artists.

No way! I DJ as hobby myself. We will have to compare playlists sometime. Last question….where can people find you online if they want to connect?


IBM Community Profile:



Jason, thank you for your time and letting the IBM Community learn more about you and your journey with the IBM Champions program.

My pleasure, anytime Krista.

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Wed July 14, 2021 11:25 PM

I met Jason Juliano at a symposium several years ago. Great to see him highlighted here. Keep you the great work!