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The IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series: Everything You Need to Know

By Krista Summitt posted Wed February 03, 2021 02:14 PM


You asked for more live content.

You want to hear from real practitioners and customers who can relate to what you do every day. 

You spoke. We listened.

Introducing the IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series!

The IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series brings the voices of recognized IBM Cloud customers and partners, known as IBM Champions, to the IBM Public Cloud community. IBM Champions are external experts who have distinguished themselves by sharing their knowledge and expertise to help others.  This series is delivered once per month via live webcasts, with the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers via chat.  Our speakers   cover the most relevant Cdloud topics and use cases including: cloud native apps, edge computing and 5G, hybrid cloud, containers, IaaS, cloud migration, and more.

Listen to one of our previous sessions:

January 2021:

Using IBM Cloud to Fight Covid-19  presented by Karen Kilroy, CEO, Kilroy Blockchain and IBM Champion.

December 2020:

"How Aponia Data Solutions Grew Solution Delivery 3X : Cloud Migration for IT Practitioners" presented by Jason Juliano,
CEO, Aponia Data Solutions and IBM Champion

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