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15 Edge Devices, 0 Humans: Meet IBM's Mayflower Autonomous Ship

By Krista Summitt posted Tue September 22, 2020 11:03 AM


With no human captain or onboard crew, IBM has launched the Mayflower Autonomous Ship The.Mayflower Autonomous Ship uses the power of Edge computing, AI, and automation to traverse the ocean in its quest for data and discovery.

The ship’s AI Captain performs a similar role to a human captain. Assimilating data from a number of sources, it constantly assesses its route, status and mission, and makes decisions about what to do next. Cameras and computer vision systems scan the horizon for hazards, and streams of meteorological data reveal potentially dangerous storms. Machine learning and automation software ensure that decisions are safe and in-line with collision regulations.

Small, lightweight edge devices provide just enough local compute power for the ship to operate independently, even without connectivity or remote control. When a connection becomes available, the systems sync with the cloud, enabling updates and data upload. To learn more:

Track the MAS' progress and stats on the interactive dashboard.
Deep-dive on the MAS' technology.
Visit the interactive homepage to learn about all things Mayflower Autonomous Ship