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IBM TechXchange: Unleashing Your Power: The Secret Ingredient to Exceptional Products is You, the User!

By Karel Vredenburg posted Tue August 29, 2023 09:37 PM


I'm absolutely delighted to be speaking at IBM's inaugural TechXchange Conference in Las Vegas. My talk is about my passion which is user experience (UX) research. The staff that I lead at IBM have an incredibly important purpose — to carry out research to understand your unmet needs and feedback to inform our product and services teams for them to create and enhance products and services to improve your work life in using our offerings. 

I will discuss what goes into making exceptional products. In essence, the key ingredient is you, the user! I'll provide an overview of the key concepts underpinning the need for UX research, how it is carried out, and how it is core to driving design thinking, the framework for developing exceptional products that we've been using for the past ten years. I'll cover how we engage with users to understand your unmet needs and get your feedback on evolving product designs and how you can use these approaches in your own work too. I'll also share real stories of how the rigorous user research methods my team uses ensures that the client’s voice, your voice, is central to creating a great product user experience. 

I'll invite you to give UX research a go during the conference with my research staff in the "Experience Zone" on the Expo/Playground floor. I'll also talk about how to get involved with our IBM User Engagement Program which is your opportunity to influence our technical solutions directly yourself in future studies.  

I look forward to seeing you at my talk on
Tuesday, Sep 12 from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT in Room 108, Level 1. 

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