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TechXchange 2023 – Extend Cloud Services Anywhere to honor Data Residency and Sovereignty

By Jagannadharao Dusi posted Thu September 07, 2023 02:56 PM

TechXchange 2023

      • What if you can consume public cloud services in your data centers ?
      • What if you can build and run AI models honoring Data residency and sovereignty requirements
      • What if you can have single pane of glass to manage applications, platforms, and security across the distributed cloud

      Join us at IBM TechXchange 2023 to engage in a discussion to delve into the challenges of cloud adoption to honor data residency due to requirements for low latency, security, and data sovereignty in enterprises. This session is an interactive discussion on how IBM Cloud Satellite extends cloud services to where data resides, be it a data center or an Edge location. Learn how to innovate with AI and data services using sensitive data while adhering to residency requirements. Dive into the architectural decisions necessary to build hybrid multi-cloud structures that align with data classification and resiliency, ensuring a consistent developer and operational experience.

      In addition, we have hands-on labs for you to experience in real time on how it works.

      Looking forward to seeing you in the session and below is a bit more information about the session as well as myself. Enjoy!

      Session id: 3551

      Session Title: Embrace IBM Cloud Satellite: Discuss key Architectural Decisions to address Data Residency and Sovereignty

      Thursday 12PM - 1PM, Room 107

      Experience it:

      Experience with hands-on experience in following sessions

      Session id: 1852 

      Session Title: Embrace Cloud Satellite: Extend Cloud Services Everywhere

      Tuesday 2.45PM - 4.15PM, Room 169

      Session id:5463

      Session Title: Embrace Cloud Satellite: Manage Day2 operations across the Distributed cloud

      Tuesday 5PM -6.30PM, Room 169