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Going global with IBM - A Business Partner x IBM Story

By Gregor Frimodt-Moeller posted Thu March 23, 2023 09:43 AM


The year of 1998 marks the beginning of Anycloud, a company I started with my brother, with a focus on delivering IT-support and maintaining hardware on the Danish market. We quickly realized we were operating with a business niche and as years went by Anycloud evolved and progressed with more specialists onboard the team.

The natural next step for the company was to expand our service portfolio to fit the at the time evolving cloud landscape. We transformed our business to deliver business continuity and digital trust in an as-a-Service model. Not just in Denmark, but on a global scale. After more than a decade, we were still providing services on our own infrastructure from datacenters based in Denmark. We had built our company on trust and excellent client relationships, and many of our clients had been with us for more than a decade and are still with us. Back in the mid 2000s we made the move from IT-support to cloud solutions, which meant placing our own control and our customers trust outside of the company employee reach from a technical perspective. Therefore, it was important for us to transform our services and adopt market leading technology and still deliver quality to our customers. Therefore, it was crucial to find a global datacenter chain delivering a local service experience to our customers, no matter geographical location.

We sought a strategic partner with a trusted cloud environment and IBM had everything fitting our business needs. Our partnership with IBM started back in 2009 with the hopes to expand to new industries and international markets to drive our business growth. In collaboration with IBM, we took complex and great technology and delivered as-a-Service cloud solutions worldwide in a very simple way, which provided us with a competitive advantage. Creating simplicity in the midst of complexity enables partners around the world to spend as little time as possible on the service and focus on their customers. The partnership with IBM allowed us to offer our services in a true cloud-to-cloud model on IBM Cloud in multiple datacenters globally.

This also gave us the freedom to focus on innovation, customers success, simplicity, and business growth.

IBM is still a crucial building block in our services and company, and the knowledge sharing and support from IBM has helped Anycloud evolve and continuously challenge the demands in the IT market over the years. Furthermore, the partnership has brought valuable learning, experiences, and memories along with recognitions.

I am now running a company that rely on IBM with all our services delivered worldwide. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to share experience or have questions :-).

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