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Introducing Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters on IBM Cloud with NVIDIA L40S GPUs

By Elvin Galarza posted Thu March 21, 2024 03:30 PM


Co-authored with Kodie Glosser

In February, we announced that the NVIDIA L4 GPU is generally available as part of our GX3 instance. At IBM, we’re dedicated to offering state-of-the-art technology to organizations. That’s why we’re excited to expand our GX3 family with another GPU powered by Ada Lovelace architecture.

Today, IBM is thrilled to announce that NVIDIA L40S GPUs are generally available for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS) and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud (ROKS) clusters running on IBM Cloud VPC.

Organizations worldwide will enjoy breakthrough multi-workload performance with NVIDIA L40S GPUs, combining powerful AI compute with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration. It’s built to power the new era of data center workloads – from generative AI and large language model (LLM) inference and training to 3D graphics, rendering, and video. We’ve found that organizations switching from L4 GPUs to L40S GPUs experience a 24% increase in clock speed and 2x more raw vRAM capacity to ensure smoother rendering, faster data processing, superior graphics handling, and maximized performance. 

Available GX3 (NVIDIA L40S GPU) flavors

The following L40S GPU flavors are available for IBM Cloud VPC clusters that run Kubernetes version 1.28+ or any version of Red Hat OpenShift.

  • gx3.24x120xL40s: 1 GPU, 24 cores, 120 GB memory, 100GB storage, 32 Gbps network speed
  • gx3.48x240x2L40s: 2 GPU, 48 cores, 240 GB, memory, 100GB storage, 32 Gbps network speed

Getting started with GX3 (NVIDIA L40S GPUs) on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Enjoy a plug-and-play experience with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service when provisioning a cluster. GPU drivers are automatically installed, and you can get started immediately by provisioning a new cluster at 1.28 or later with GX3 worker nodes. No additional configuration is required to set up the GPU. If you already have a 1.28+ cluster, simply add a worker pool that uses the GX3 nodes to your existing cluster. For more information, see Deploying an app on a GPU machine for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Getting started with GX3 (NVIDIA L40S GPUs) on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

With Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, installing the NVIDIA GPU Operator automates the management of all the necessary NVIDIA software components. Once complete, provision a new cluster or worker pool with the GX3 worker nodes. For more information, see Deploying an app on a GPU machine for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

Furthermore, Red Hat OpenShift AI on GX3 worker nodes can be leveraged to rapidly develop, train, serve, and monitor machine learning models on-premise, in the public cloud, and at the edge. To learn more, see Installing Red Hat OpenShift AI.