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Top 4 Cloud Trends Tech Leaders Need to Know-Pt.3: Opportunities opened by the low latency of 5G at the edge

By Douglas Paris-White posted Fri March 05, 2021 04:50 PM


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Opportunities opened by the low latency of 5G at the edge

With 5G connectivity, Verizon’s Paritosh Bajpay tells us, the burden is on service providers to make sure the applications used over their networks deliver consistently good experience befitting the promise of the enlarged bandwidth. That means having application servers exchanging data with customers as close to the edge of the network as possible. Yet, the edge consists in millions of access points that all need regular software updates.

This is again a job for a distributed cloud. IBM Cloud Satellite, with its centralized monitoring and management of deployments, provides a way for a telco provider to consistently deploy and update software at edge sites without greatly expanding technical staff. And this is why Verizon and IBM Cloud are partnering in the roll-out of Verizon’s 5G services.

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