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4 Cloud Trends Tech Leaders Should Know - Part 2: Evolving the Foundation of Cloud Security

By Douglas Paris-White posted Wed March 03, 2021 05:30 PM


In part 1, we looked at the operationalizing artificial intelligence trend.

Now, lets look at the trend around cloud security.

Trend 2: Evolving the foundation of cloud security

As an innovation officer at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Andrew Trossman needs to make public cloud services readily available to banks’ development and operations teams. The only way a financial institution like RBC can do that would be either by bringing the cloud services into on-premises environments where their business-critical workloads run or by moving those workloads onto a public cloud platform with trustworthy security and regulatory compliance safeguards.

Here I’ll note there are two IBM Cloud offerings that meet these needs. IBM Cloud for Financial Services precisely provides a public cloud platform with a framework of controls for validating and automating compliance with financial regulations around the world, and it provides data security at the highest cryptographic standard (FIPS 140-2).

The other potential solution to help RBC succeed with Trossman’s innovation remit is IBM Cloud Satellite; distributed cloud architecture that delivers cloud services wherever they are needed — on-premises, in any cloud or in edge computing situations. The cloud services that RBC needs for their teams to innovate customer experience of their financial services would be delivered, with IBM Cloud Satellite, directly into the on-premises environment where the company prefers to keep their most important workloads. With Satellite, RBC teams would use access and identity management across any environments they define as Satellite locations. For any location, IBM manages the versioning and patching of the software necessary to keep the cloud services up to date and highly available.

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