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Digital Transformation Journey with IBM Cloud Pak

By Ahmed El Sayed posted Thu July 16, 2020 07:17 PM


Digital Transformation Journey with IBM Cloud Pak

It is very important now for any organization to start thinking in digital transformation journey however most of companies already started it but how can these organization to be fully digitized and transform their business to be digital.

Digital transformation is not only for technology, but it should be for people and processes as well.

Forward-looking enterprises use automation and AI to augment their core strengths, supplement their weaknesses and empower their people to focus on what’s important. Automation with AI enables your entire organization to be always-on, optimizing the delivery of goods and services to provide seamless continuity in dynamic markets.

IBM Cloud Paks meet standard criteria for packaging and deployment of containerized software with platform integrations. IBM Cloud Paks accelerate time to value, and improve enterprise readiness and business agility.

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