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When passion and profession collide

By Shari Chiara posted Fri April 29, 2022 01:18 PM


Edison Award Winners

Congratulations to IBM Champions @Salome Valero Cumplido and @Marco Emilio Rodriguez Serrano and their amazing team who recently took home the Edison Gold Award in the Personal Technology: Lifesaving and Life-Changing category for their solution, Prometeo.  Read all about the project in this recently published case study.

Call for Code

In May 2018, Call for Code was announced at Viva Tech in Paris, hailed as a tech for good initiative of which IBM is a founding partner. Call for Code was founded on the premise that if given the opportunity, the more than 24M developers and innovators around the globe would use their skills and time to drive change in a meaningful and scalable way. Winning solutions get deployed to areas that could most use it, with a powerful and engaged ecosystem. Solutions are made available to the open source community under the governance of the Linux Foundation

Each team, in addition to their day jobs, has taken the reins of a building a startup to drive impact from their solution. Building a technical solution to combat areas of natural disasters, climate change, community impact of COVID-19, education, and racial justice are one thing - allocating the time and focus to drive impact and build an open source community is something more. We are thrilled to have so many members of those teams represented in the IBM Champions program - providing additional opportunity for them to drive impact. 

Prometeo joins Call for Code in year two

The 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge Winner Prometeo hails from Barcelona, Spain. This diverse group built a solution that would help monitor the impact of toxins on fire fighters as they combat the increasing number of wildfires. You can learn more about Prometeo in this recently published case study Into the fire: safeguarding firefighters' lives.

Prometeo through the years 

October 2019 – at the United Nations in New York announced as the 2022 Call for Code Grand Prize Winner, winning $200k, deployment support from IBM and the Call for Code Ecosystem and open source support from the Linux Foundation.  

February 2020 – Working closely with an ecosystem of technical and subject matter experts for their first field test conducted with GRAF, Catalonia’s internationally renowned special fire-fighting unit near Barcelona


July 2021 – Linux Foundation announced it will host Pyrrha, as part of Call for Code with the Linux Foundation. The core technology is support by the Linux Foundation as the Pyrrha project, opening up involvement from the open source community. The Pyrrha mission is to help protect firefighters from the immediate and long-term health impacts from the smoke and toxins they inhale by providing real-time information on exposure and by calculating longer-term averages. The project uses custom sensors, smartphone and smartwatch apps, data science, and a dashboard to provide decision-making insight and information.

Join the Call for Code by joining the Pyrrha community and utilize your data science skills to progress this open source solution or register for the 2022 Call for Code Global Challenge.


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Wed May 04, 2022 10:32 AM

Shari, it's great when passion and profession collide! Call for Code is innovation, collaboration and engineering with purpose. Your husband, your son, Joan Herrera and all firefighters are heroes for me. But they don't have super powers. We must help with technology. I'm really proud of being part of Call for Code Ecosystem. I encourage everyone to join this incredible initiative! The challenge this year: Sustainability!