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By Libby Ingrassia posted Fri April 21, 2023 07:35 PM


IBM Champions for IBM Power Systems are deeply involved and invested in COMMON. @Dawn May is COMMON's president this year, as well as being an active IBM Champion and regular contributor to blogs at TechChannel. The COMMON community gathers for education on IBM i and networking at spring conference POWERUp on April 24-27 in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about the conference, review the session calendar, and register on the COMMON website.

You can expect Sessions from IBM Champions are listed below. (subject to change)

  • Birgitta Hauser - Row and column access control - Secure Your Data!
  • Torbjörn Appehl - IBM i Explained
  • Scott Klement - What's New and Exciting in RPG
  • Larry Bolhuis - Managing IBM i PTFs
  • Carol Woodbury - IBM i Security from the Ground Up
  • Dawn May - Understand your IBM i Performance Signature
  • Susan Gantner - An RPGer's Take on VS Code for IBM i
  • Birgitta Hauser - SQL and IFS
  • Scott Klement - Providing Web Services on IBM i
  • Susan Gantner - The New World. of RPG Arrays
  • Larry Bolhuis - Daily Care nd Feeding of IBM i
  • Dawn May - Everything You Need to Know About the IBM i administration Runtime Expert
  • Steven Wolk - Strategic IT - The Art of Advancing your Career Beyond the Technical
  • Marina Schwenk - The N2i Advantage
  • Charles Guarino - Why It's High Time for Rdi: The Basics of RDi
  • Alan Seiden - Web and API Language Shootout
  • Larry Bolhuis - Clean Up Your IBM i Disk
  • Kim Greene - How to become a speaker at COMMON
  • Scott Klement - Automation and My Vision For the Future
  • Torbjörn Appehl - IBM Power Explained
  • Mike Pavlak - Test Driven Development using Python
  • Torbjörn Appehl - technologies unique to IBM i and Power (and competitors really want)
  • Scott Klement - UNIXCMD: Integrating RPG with Open Source
  • Mike Pavlak - Quick Spreadsheets through PHP and Python
  • Richard Schoen - Quick start to using MariaDB and PostgreSQL on IBM i
  • Charles Guarino - What's Going on with my code: debugging 1010 with Rdi
  • Larry Bolhuis - Selecgtting your POWER Systems hosting environment
  • Susan Gantner - ILE: Procedures, Modules & SRVPGMs by Example
  • Dawn May - Take Control of Your IBM i Prestart Server Jobs
  • Alan Seiden - Alan's Favorite tips for Open Source on IBM i (that will impress your boss)
  • Simon Hutchinson - Recent additions to modern RPG language
  • Carol Woodbury - Getting the Most out of the Audit Journal
  • Steven Wolk - Mission:Possible! Journaling Forensics 101 (with free tools)
  • Birgitta Hauser - Create or Replace ... DDS Files with DDL Objects
  • Steven Wolk - Accelerate your Excel!
  • Carol Woodbury - Why do we continue to have discussions about IBM i security?
  • Marina Schwenk - Service programs and unit testing - the perfect pair
  • Simon Hutchinson - Recent additional to modern CL language
  • Alan Seiden - What's new and exciting in PHP for 2023
  • Mike Pavlak - Python productivity: Python Fundamentals
  • Birgitta Hauser - Group by, having and multi-dimensional grouping
  • Richard Schoen - RPG and CL Speak Open Source
  • Mike Pavlak - Practical uses for Python on IBM i
  • Pete Massiello - What you need to know to successfully upgrade to IBM i 7.5 or 7.4
  • Kim Greene - How to achieve and maintain high quality work
  • Kim Greene - Fostering positive relationships
  • Marina Schwenk - Lets learn the acronyms
  • Scott Klement - Quick look: Overloading in RPG
  • Dawn May - 20 Tips in 20 Minutes
  • Birgitta Hauser - OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Functions - much more than running numbers
  • Simon Hutchinson - Tricks with Spool Files using SQL
  • Brian Nordland - Whats new in PowerHA
  • Steven Wolk - Upgrade your today
  • Mike Pavlak - 30 Python Tips in 60 Minutes
  • Richard Schoen - An RPG WebApp Server - Who knew?
  • Larry Bolhuis - Managing startup and shutdown of your IBM i
  • Jack Woehr - Modernize without vendor tools
  • Charles Guarino - Beginner's guide to the latest technology
  • Mike Pavlak - Python APIs aka REST with Flask
  • Scott Klement - Handling JSON with DATA-INTO and DATA-GEN in ILE RPG
  • Steven Wolk - Command Jeopardy
  • Alan Seiden - API examples using RPG, Node.js, PHP, and Python
  • Carol Woodbury - Client case study: Secure transactions with encryption-as-a-service on IBM i
  • Hrithik Govardhan - Back up to the Cloud with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i
  • Steven Wolk - Everything they never taught you
  • Simon Hutchinson - Refactoring your CL programs
  • Carol Woodbury: Breaches, Ransomware and Recovery, oh my!
  • Charles Guarino - Chat with us: Why software is everyone's business
  • Brian Nordland - Choosing the right HA/DR solution
  • Scott Klement - IoT: Open my garage door with RPG
  • Mike Pavlak - 30 PHP Tips in 60 minutes
  • Richard Schoen - RPG and external database integration
  • Carol Woodbury - What you need to know about IBM i security
  • Pete Massiello - HMC, IBM i, FSP & Firmware: Putting all the pieces together
  • Steven Wolk - The secrets to making the most of online meetings
  • Jack Woehr - Manage your jobs with Service Commander for IBM i
  • Susan Gantner - Hidden Gems in RDi
  • Larry Bolhuis - Tales from the Datacenter: Worst practices in Systems Management
  • Steven Wolk - The Secrets to negotiating and resolving workplace conflict
  • Jack Woehr - Integrate anything with anything using Apache Camel
  • Tim Hill - Automated Compliance, integrity monitoring, and multi-factor authentication for IBM i
  • Brian Nordland - Live Demo: Managing PowerHA Solutions
  • Marina Schwenk - Get out of your comfort zone
  • Pete Massiello - Installing and configuring NVMe
  • Birgitta Hauser - Data-centric thinking: Moving business logic into the database
  • Simon Hutchinson - Sharing Data Between Partitions with the SQL Three-Part Name
  • Jack Woehr - ODBC speed and security
  • Steven Wolk - Turn up the Power: External disk and hardware replication on i.. a case study
  • Scott Klement - How Do I improve software quality
  • Birgitta Hauser - String Manipulation and Regular Expressions with SQL
  • Simon Hutchinson - Temporal Tables - Looking back into your data's past
  • Steven Wolk - Want them to want you? Be the ideal employee by unleashing your inner child
  • Scott Klement - How refactoring helps bulletproof your application
  • Jack Woehr - Yum and RPM tricks to keep your open source software humming
  • Dawn May - Success as an "I"
  • Steven Wolk - Give me an hour and I'll give you a week
  • Susan Gantner - What can RPG prototypes do for you
  • Marina Schwenk - Strive for excellence
  • Pete Massiello - Cool things in Navigator to be a RockStar System Administrator

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