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Nominate the 2023 class of IBM Champions

By Libby Ingrassia posted Mon September 26, 2022 01:53 AM


2023 IBM Champion Nominations are Open Extended to 27 November

IBM Champions are experts in IBM technology. They are leaders who choose to share their knowledge and expertise to help others make the most of their investment in IBM products. They are selected annually for the contributions they have made to content, community, advocacy, and technology beyond the scope of their jobs.

To become an IBM Champion, they are nominated and selected by a selection committee. They may be nominated by an IBMer, colleague, community member, or may nominate themselves. Selection committees will be meeting regularly through the end of November. 2023 IBM Champions will be announced in early January.

What's the path to becoming an IBM Champion?

Advocacy is a journey - and being an IBM Champion is at the pinnacle of accomplishments. There are many entry points; here are a few  examples (although of course this is not an exhaustive list). In general, to become an IBM Champion, you will have done 2 or more of these activities consistently over a period of time:

  • Be an active member of the IBM Community, regularly answering questions or blogging.
  • Be an active member of another community focused on IBM technology or products, regularly answering questions or blogging.
  • Be an active leader, board member, or active committee member of a local, regional, national, international, or virtual user group or meetup group.
  • Regularly write blogs, articles, books.
  • Create videos. podcasts, webinars, or other teaching sessions.
  • Speak at conferences and events.
  • Help IBM improve on products and solutions by actively participating in beta programs, usability studies, and other types of research.
  • Help mentor new community members and drives them to community sites.
  • Contribute to open source community projects, shares code, and provides other solutions for use in and by the community.
  • Use social media channels (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, podcasting, and others) to share content and drive awareness to IBM or community topics and events.
There are also ways you can contribute within your company or organization, such as finding ways to expand adoption of IBM products within your company or organization or share knowledge that supports use of IBM products in the organization.

In some areas, such as IBM Z and IBM Power, you can earn badges that show your consistent contributions. These badges will show your achievements on the advocacy path.

In addition to earning advocacy badges and contributing to advocacy, you should be able to show your expertise in IBM products and offerings. You can show that expertise via badges or certifications.

If you are an expert, a mentor, a leader, and an advocate for the IBM offering, program, community, service, or technology you work with, you might be a future IBM Champion.

Say Thank you to someone who has helped you

Maybe this isn't you, but you've been helped by someone like this, read their blogs and articles, or watched their sessions at conferences and events. If so, one amazing way to show your gratitude and let them know how helpful they've been is to nominate them to become an IBM Champion.

Each year, IBMers, current Champions, and community members come together to nominate the best, brightest, and most supportive community members, advocates, and leaders to become IBM Champions. You can participate in the process by, well, nominating yourself or someone you respect! It’s time to pick your person, gather the important details, and then…nominate!

Nominations are open through 11 27 November 2022, across IBM, including for products in these areas:

  • Automation
  • Blockchain
  • Business Operations
  • Cloud
  • Data & AI
  • Developers
  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Power
  • Security
  • Storage
  • IBM Sustainability Software
  • IBM Z

Not sure if you or your nominee fit in one of those categories? Submit your nomination and tell us where you (or your nominee) have expertise.

Nomination Process

Go to the IBM Champion nomination form to nominate yourself or someone else. The forms are designed to tell the selection committee why an individual should be an IBM Champion – what activities and contributions they’ve shared in the previous 12 months. The selection committees are looking for examples of advocacy, mentoring, content creation, and support of the technical and partner communities beyond the scope of a person’s job. In addition, they need to see evidence of expertise in IBM offerings, products, services, or communities.

If you are nominating someone else, be sure you have their permission, as you’ll be sharing some of their personal information. They will be notified of the nomination and encouraged to complete a self-nomination form as well, as they know the most about their own activities.

If you’re nominating yourself, you’ll be sharing activities, a bio, links to your contributions, and references who can speak to your activity.

Selection committees of IBMers and Lifetime IBM Champions will review all activities and nominations and select the top advocates to become 2023 IBM Champions.

IBM Champions program

Once selected, new Champions – YOU – will join the more than 700 developers, technologists, business leaders, CXOs, and educators around the world who have demonstrated both expertise in and extraordinary support and advocacy for IBM technology, communities, and solutions. Over the next year, IBM Champions maintain this status by continuing contributions, this time with additional input, help, and opportunities from a closer relationship with IBM.

Champions each have specific areas of technical expertise and of advocacy and contribution. Champions have a wide variety of activities including those who speak at conferences, convene user groups and offer mentorship in the technical community, teach users to make the absolute best decisions around IBM technology, and provide invaluable user feedback that helps improve IBM’s products.

Our job in the program is to recognize, reward, and catalyze. Recognize and reward is about saying “thank you” for all the contributions and activities – to make IBM Champions know and feel that we at IBM see the impact that advocacy from customers and partners makes. More on the benefits to IBM Champions in a moment. The program then catalyzes IBM Champions’ work by offering opportunities and showing Champions where contributions can have the most impact.

Tell your story to earn your star

Learn more about the program by joining our upcoming webcast and then take a moment today to nominate yourself or to raise up a star in your technical community by nominating them.

Nominate a (future) IBM Champion today through 11 November.

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