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IBM Champions Reach Amazing Milestones

By Libby Ingrassia posted Thu September 22, 2022 02:03 PM


2022 marks 15 years of the IBM Champions program. The program launched in the information management and databases area. From there, it expanded across data and analytics, into what was then middleware - WebSphere, MQ, Tivoli, collaboration, and then into Power, Cloud, Z, Security, Storage, and across all areas of IBM Software, Systems, and Ecosystem.

The program has grown from 12 individuals in that first year to nearly 800. Would you believe that of those original 12, we still boast 6 in the program who have reached their 15th year. Congratulations - and thank you - to David Beulke, Lester Knutsen, Cindy Lichtenauer, Judy Nall, Julian Stuhler, and Paul Turpin for achieving the 15 year milestone with the IBM Champions program. These IBM Champions continue to be experts in IBM products and offerings - and continue to be driven to share their expertise and experiences with others to help them make the most of their investments in IBM.

We also have 12 individuals who are reaching the 10-year milestone. Congratulations to Ian Bjorhovde, Ember Crooks, Susan Gantner, Joe Geller, Rhonda Hackenburg, Mirna Kos, Pete Massiello, Rob McNelly, Ognjen Orel, Jon Paris, James Sobieski, and Hrvoje Zoković.

24 IBM Champions have reached the 7-year milestone. Thank you and congratulations to Gabriel Aberasturi, Torbjörn Appehl, Vishwas Balakrishna, Shawn Bodily, Jim Buck, Heather Cole, Adrian Collett, Mark Gillis, Salem Hadim, John Hassman, Morag Hughson, Alex Ivanov, Pavan Kristipati, Mark Lack, Joe Likuski, Roberto Mazzoni, Brett Murphy, Mike Pavlak, Bob Perih, Vicente Salvador Cubedo, Paul Tuohy, Nuttee Udomsirirat, and Kay Vandevanter.

We also have 51 IBM Champions reaching the 5-year milestone and 93 reaching our 3-year milestone. Amazing  progress and consistent contributions - we're so grateful to all of them as well.

There has been a lot of progress and growth to get us to that nearly 800 - and it's time to let the program grow again with our nominations opening! Look for a big post next week with details on how the nomination process works and other details. For now, congratulate these IBM Champions - you can find them posting about their milestones on LinkedIn or helping folks here on the IBM Community - and start thinking about whether you or a colleague should join their ranks in 2023.

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