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Expert Hour: a series of Tech Talks by IBM Champions

By Libby Ingrassia posted Fri July 01, 2022 05:30 AM

IBM Champions are top experts, advocates, and thought leaders who dedicate their time and energy to sharing their experiences and knowledge of IBM products.

in this new series sponsored by the IBM Community and the IBM Champions program, IBM Champions will bring their knowledge to a computer near you. Topics will range across the IBM product line and related open source offerings. 

We'll run up to 5 sessions per month, but you can always catch up with the replays, so review the sessions and then register to join or watch the replay.

September - October sessions

Your Path to the IBM Champions

19 October - register

IBM Champions are experts, thought leaders, and advocates for IBM products. IBM, the community, and IBM's customers can benefit from the IBM Champions -- join the webinar to learn how! Nominations are open right now, so you should also join to learn about the journey become an IBM Champion.

Actualidad en IBM i. Resultados del Estudio de Mercado 2022 (en Español)

26 October - register

En esta sesión presentaré los resultados del Estudio de Seguridad de IBM i 2022 (estudio que realiza HelpSystems cada año desde 2008). Ver link: (existe version en español de la guia tambien)
Se explican las problemáticas más graves de Seguridad detectadas en los servidores Power en el último año y cómo un hacker podría explotarlas.

Además, dan recomendaciones sobre cómo proteger su IBM i, incluyendo:

  • Cómo usuarios no autorizados podrían acceder a datos sensibles
  • Problemas en la Seguridad de las contraseñas
  • Protección contra virus y malware
  • Configuraciones erróneas de Seguridad que dejan su sistema vulnerable
  • Control de accesos desde y hacia la red corporativa
  • Auditoría del sistema

ENGLISH - note that the session will be presented in Spanish
In this session I will present the results of the IBM i Security Study 2022 (a study that HelpSystems has conducted every year since 2008). See link: (there is also a Spanish version of the guide)
The most serious security problems detected in Power servers in the last year and how a hacker could exploit them are explained.

@Amneris Teruel is an IBM Champion and Senior IBM i specialist from HelpSystems.

Automating MongoDB Deployments on Mainframes

16 November - register

A large North American bank could not make new banking requirements on their distributed deployments. While working with IBM, we proved automated MongoDB deployments to IBM z Systems could be done in a month that also helped them meet new decarbonization requirements, reduced floor space requirements, decrease response times, improve security and provide a level protection against ransomware and system corruption they did not have available to them with current distributed systems deployments. Our collective efforts were also captured in chapter 5 of this IBM Redbook:

Kurt Acker joined Direct Systems Support in Jan of 2022 while continuing to represent Sine Nomine Associates (SNA) as their Principal IT Architect in July of 2020. Before taking on these current responsibilities, Kurt worked as Marriott International's I

November-December sessions

The next generation of Data Platforms is the Data Mesh

16 November - register
As enterprises become more agile, centralization appears more and more a thing of the past waterfall world. The same appears to be true with data platforms. This is why we are building a Data Mesh, this next generation of data platforms for PayPal Credit. This post will detail quickly go over the evolution of data platforms, highlight the problems of current data platforms, and why we decided to build a Data Mesh. I will detail the 4 principles of the Data Mesh, how we got started, and describe some of the coming challenges and how we plan to solve them.

Data Mesh is a growing interest for all data-driven companies in the world. It solves many of the problems of the current data platforms. Data Meshes are becoming as important as data warehouses or data lakes. The audience will care as there is little to no literature on how companies are implementing this new paradigm, it will show that PayPal is at the forefront of technology. For my teams, it will also allow them to interact with readers and capture ideas to evolve as we implement.

What is a data mesh and why it is important, the four principles of data mesh and their implication, and designing the architecture of your first data mesh.

Enterprise innovation
Scalability and reliability of data
Data science (more on the engineering side though, also our users are data scientists and analysts).
Digital transformation

Jean-Georges "jgp" Perrin is a technology leader focusing on building innovative and modern data platforms at PayPal, president of AIDAUG, and author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning). He is passionate about software engineering and all things data

Why IBM Power i and IBM z are the sustainable platforms for future business

1 December - register
Sustainability is everywhere and THE megatrend for the next generation. IT and software development must also rise to this challenge. In my session, I would like to present why IBM platforms have always represented sustainability in their innermost essence and why this in particular is now becoming a drawing card for finding new employees for this exciting environment. Countering the war for talents with sustainability - that is the solution!

Heidi Schmidt lives and works in Lake Constance, in the south of Germany at the border to Switzerland. She is the passionate CEO of PKS Software GmbH. With her team of over 60 software experts, they analyze and modernize companies' existing applications.

Expert Hour Replays Available

Quantum Computing: What the IT Pro Needs to Know

IBM is one of the industry leaders in Quantum Computing which is already garnering revenue as a cloud service. What is Quantum Computing behind all the hype? Should you care about Quantum Computing if your job is not today directly concerned with Quantum Computing?
And if so, what should you know today, and expect for tomorrow? IBM Champion and Qiskit Advocate Jack Woehr will fill you in.

@Jack Woehr, IBM Champion and Qiskit Advocate, is also an independent  consultant specializing in IBM i modernization. He was a contributing Editor for Dr. Dobb's Journal for 20 years (1991-2011) and serves as current secretary of the OpenQASM 3 Technical Steering Committee, an industry-wide body for standardizing the basic language of gate-oriented quantum computing.

Automating IBM Systems with Ansible Automation Platform

It's been understated, but IBM has been very involved with Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform. This webinar will look at how Ansible can be used to automate IBM Systems from the Mainframe to the IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

@Ian Wright spent the better part of two decades working for IBM. Since then he's been working for Mainline Information Systems for the past 5 years and has spread out into areas outside of IBM storage, including Red Hat, and other vendors.

What's really happening on IBM Power for IBM i(AS/400)

IBM i (AS/400 or iSeries) is one of technology’s best-kept secrets, but there is little information about how people use the IBM Power server and what the future of IBM i looks like in their organization. The IBM i Marketplace Survey—now in its eighth year—was designed to solve this problem.

The annual IBM I Marketplace Survey provides a close look at how organizations running IBM I are using the IBM Power hardware and the operating system.
Watch this webinar where we reveal the results of the 2022 survey. You’ll gain insights from Tom's 34-year career of visiting customers around the globe on IBM I technology along with his year-over-year trends and data points from the 2022 IBM I Marketplace Survey, including:

  • What are the biggest challenges presented by increasingly the remote workforce?
  • Are more organizations adopting IBM i in the cloud?
  • What does the IBM i development scene look like?
  • Are shops expanding their IBM i usage?
  • How does IBM i’s ROI compare to other servers?

@Tom Huntington is Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems, and has been with the company for 34 years. He helps manage the worldwide HelpSystems software engineer team that works to integrate and promote our automation and security.

The Historical and Human Context of IBM Mainframes

Oh the humanity!" - possibly the most famous cry of despair at something (the Hindenburg) crashing and burning. Twenty-seven years later, our shared humanity produced a technological context and ecosystem that has become essential to our future.

This webinar, based in part on the text book "Introduction to Enterprise Systems," discusses the realization of the enterprise computing platform that changed everything in historical, technical, timeline, and human context.

@Reg Harbeck is Chief Strategist at Mainframe Analytics and an IBM Champion. He has been working in IT and mainframes for over 35 years, writing, presenting, teaching, and working on security, systems, applications, networks, automation, performance, and more.

Beat the Recession with IBM Planning Analytics

BM Planning Analytics with Watson is a hidden gem of technology that drives decision making at the most successful companies in the world, and yet flies under the radar, even within IBM and its ecosystem. For practitioners, its a flexible workbench for data and model-building at scale, while for users it's both an enterprise reporting and self-service analytics tool with powerful Excel integration. In this presentation we will demonstrate why IBM Planning Analytics remains the best planning platform technology available, and explain how companies that embrace it are able to weather external shocks like pandemics and recessions better than their competitors.

@Ann-Grete Tan is Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at QueBIT Consulting and an IBM Champion. Her co-presenter is Colin Macdonald, pre-sales manager at QueBIT.

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Thank you for sharing such a value able information.

Wed July 06, 2022 06:56 PM

Thanks Libby! Looking forward to sharing my nerdy passion for IBM Planning Analytics (formerly known as TM1) on August 16 2022!