Simplifying Financial Budgeting with IBM Planning Analytics: Converge Technology Solutions Webinar

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Simplifying Financial Budgeting with IBM Planning Analytics: Converge Technology Solutions Webinar 

Tue September 26, 2023 05:51 PM

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Join Converge Technology Solutions for an exclusive webinar on mastering financial budgeting with IBM Planning Analytics.

  • Streamline budgeting processes and accelerate cycles by automating data aggregation from various sources such as ERP systems, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Enable dynamic scenario planning by modeling different assumptions, such as changes in revenue, costs, and market conditions, to assess their impact on your financial plans.
  • Enhance confidence in your critical profitability analysis and data governance securely and easily through collaboration across departments.

Key Speakers

Brian Simpson - Senior Director, Pre-Sales and Training, Advanced Analytics, Converge Technology Solutions

Brian is a seasoned professional in Analytics with expertise in Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Advanced Analytics. With a strong background in project planning, management, technical sales, and solution development, he is a respected figure in the North American Analytics community.

Robb Sinclair - Data Pre-Sales Leader, Converge Technology Solutions

Robb is a seasoned professional with 25+ years in Data & Analytics. He has led 100s of Data & Analytics transformation projects across industries, including data warehouse/lakehouse, financial performance management, and business intelligence efforts.

He has a strong background in program, project management, solution architecture, business and data modeling, and solution development.


David Albert - IBM Global Business Partner Segment Lead, Business Analytics


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