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Top 5 reasons to upgrade from IBM TM1

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, yes and no. Your company probably had lots of systems and processes that worked just great—back in the day. But you wouldn’t trade them for the tools and capabilities you use today, correct? In the same way, although we hope that you love IBM TM1,...

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VIDEO: How to upgrade your version of #Cognos Analytics

New to Cognos Analytics 11 is the ability to install a new version of IBM Cognos Analytics over the top of your current version of the product. This installs a higher version without overwriting existing Cognos maintained configuration files from the previous installation. The new and improved...

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Nothing lost, much gained in upgrading to IBM Cognos Analytics

The upgrade path for IBM Cognos Analytics has been made virtually seamless. Regardless of the previous version of Cognos Business Intelligence that you have been using—8.4, 10.2, 10.22, etc.—we are strongly encouraging an upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics. All existing data sources, content,...

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