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RE: Execute Process With REST

Hi Izac, What's not working? What's the response you get? What might be confusing is the documentation states that the Execute action, when used with Chore, there isn't a payload (read: n/a) which, technically isn't true, but the server excepts an empty payload to mean and empty, JSON, object ...

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RE: Execute Process With REST

suggest using 2.0.0/ rest api.2.0.0.doc/r restapi v1 csdl actions.html#restapi v1 csdl actions ExecuteWithReturn Process bound Regards, -- Ted Phillips --

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Execute Process With REST

/api/v1/Processes('RESTProcessCall')/tm1.Execute 2.0.0/ rest api.2.0.0.doc/t tm1 rest api chores.html ​​​​​The syntax is the same as chore which is listed in the docs but it does not work, if I remove the tm1.Execute...

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