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Reporting Enhancements in #Cognos Analytics 11.0.5

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Thu November 24, 2016 09:39 AM

This is an exciting release for Cognos Analytics Reporting. We’ve made improvements in many different areas. Whether you are looking at upgrade from a previous version or try to stand up a brand new environment, there is something for everyone. Christmas came early this year!

New Visualizations Out-of-the-box
Cognos Analytics users no longer have to download and upload visualizations starting this release. We have included the newest visualizations out-of-the-box and will maintain and enhance them in every release going forward. This includes but not limited to adding more properties and more visualization types.

Brand New Visualization Window
We are introducing a new visualization gallery window that combines all charts and visualizations in this release. The Chart toolbox object is deprecated.

In the new visualization window, you can filter to see different charting engines.

Interactive Viewer URL API
You can use a URL to open a Cognos Analytics report in Interactive Viewer starting 11.0.5. This also gives you the ability to embed Cognos Interactive Viewer in an iframe inside of your own application or web page.

Embed and share are available through the context menu in Cognos portal. This replaces the Cognos 10 default action URL property.
Share allows you to run a report using a simple URL. Users are still asked to provide Cognos Analytics credentials in order to execute the report.

Embed allows you to have a Cognos viewer inside of an iframe in your own application as well as pass parameters to the report.

Options available for embedding a Cognos Viewer are:

  • With or without navigation bars

  • Run or edit mode

  • Format (HTML, PDF, Excel, etc)

  • A11y

  • BIDI

  • Prompt selections

For more information, please see the Getting Started Guide.

Modernized Prompting UI
All prompting controls’ UI have been updated to have a more modern and mobile friendly look and feel. To take the advantage of this, you can set ‘Report styles’ to use 11.0.4 styles under Report properties.

Filter Window Redesign
When creating a custom filter from reporting edit mode or from the interactive viewer, a newly designed filter window will be launched. It has improved searching capability and an infinite result panel instead of traditional paging. The new design makes it much easier to use for both report authors and report consumers.


Improved Reporting Navigation
Report pages and queries are two of the most frequently accessed areas within reporting. As part of our ongoing usability improvement work, pages and queries are now directly available on the side navigation bar.

User can also add new pages and queries in-place using the new ‘+’ sign.

Interactive Viewer Enhancements

  • When running a report in the Cognos Analytics Interactive Viewer, you can now choose to produce Excel or CSV output after performing an operation (such as filtering the report).

  • In the Cognos Analytics Interactive Viewer, you can perform dimensional operations such as drill up/down on lists that contain data from a dimensional data source.

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