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Cognos Analytics Adds Geospatial Insights

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Wed August 10, 2016 07:49 AM

We are pleased to announce that IBM has entered into a relationship with Mapbox to bring geospatial capabilities to on-premises and on-cloud deployments of Cognos Analytics. The capabilities, scheduled for release in December 2016, will be made available to IBM Cognos Analytics 11 customers who are current on their software and subscription fees. These capabilities will enable the design and publishing of highly visual maps alongside existing Cognos dashboards and reports. This is another example of IBM’s commitment to investment and extensibility in business analytics software.

Why Mapbox

We’ve chosen to work with Mapbox because they are revolutionizing the mapping industry with high-performance, highly scalable vector graphic-based maps and a global cloud presence. The result is nearly unlimited opportunities for quickly categorizing and identifying key insights for retail, defense, insurance, utilities, natural resources, social sciences, medicine and public safety to name a few.

To learn more see this new video.

Data deluge

Organizations, already awash in customer data, know geospatial capabilities can put a new ‘lens’ on existing reports. Data from smartphones, GPS devices and social media has organizations anxious to factor in customer location, origin or destination, with time or day. Cognos Analytics, combined with the open data movement and Mapbox spatial analysis capabilities, reinvents the way you report and solve department problems in logistics, HR, supply chain, sale, and much more.

Time for Cognos Analytics

We will continue to share updates in blogs and within our Cognos Analytics YouTube channel prior to mapping availability in late December. We encourage you to also visit the Cognos Analytics Community where you can follow our progress, ideas and development schedule.

If you needed a reason to upgrade to Cognos Analytics 11, this is it!! Upgrade before December, and you’ll be on your way to adding geospatial dimensions to your existing reports and dashboards.

Check us out at World of Watson

If you’re eager to learn more, visit us at World of Watson on Oct 24-27 for a first-hand look! We’ll have multiple speakers and papers available ready to answer your questions. We’re excited to hear your mapping ideas!

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