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New Base Samples for IBM #Cognos Analytics 11.0.8

By Samples Team posted Mon November 06, 2017 11:44 AM


There are two types of samples that have been created exclusively for IBM Cognos Analytics.

The Extended Samples require the use of a database and database connections to host the sample Great Outdoors data. They must be installed and configured. Here are the instructions for installing the Extended samples.

We have also created a set of Base Samples in a deployment that can be easily imported in one step. These samples exclusively use Data Modules as their underlying data sources (no cubes, databases, or packages). Here is a video that explains how to find and import the deployment file.

After you import the deployment, you will see the following new Base Samples:

Team content > Samples

Version 11.0.8 base samples
This new report is a table of contents for the base samples. It lists all the available samples in sections (dashboards, stories and reports) and provides a direct link to each sample. It identifies the core features that the sample is intended to demonstrate, and provides a description.

Team content > Samples > Reports

Corporate website visits
We added a map that is generated from latitude and longitude coordinates. This sample report demonstrates the new client-side mapping functionality in reporting. Three maps display 2016 website visit data for the fictional Sample Outdoors Company website by Zip Code and Latitude/longitude in California.

Team content > Samples > Stories

Animated path scene transition
This sample Story demonstrates the new animated paths feature for scene transitions, and timeline highlights. Like many other cities, Boston, MA logs hundreds of thousands of requests each year for services such as snow plowing, street cleaning, and pot hole repair. Source: City of Boston.

Team content > Samples > Data

California website visits
We added data columns for Latitude and Longitude for use with the client-side mapping functionality in reporting. This sample data module contains 2016 website visit data for the fictional Sample Outdoors Company website by Zip Code and city in California. Source: IBM

Note: Latitude and longitude must be in separate columns of decimal degrees coordinates, with latitude in the range of -90 to 90, and longitude in the range of -180 to 180.

Extension Samples

There are two new sample Extensions for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.8. These sample files are installed with the product in an Easy Installation, and are an option in a Custom Installation. After product installation, you can find them here: <cognos_analytics_installation_location>/samples/extensions/
This sample extension will add eight custom images to the Image Library tab in the Widgets panel in Dashboarding and Stories. It will also add the eight custom images to the Image Picker dialog in Reporting in the Image Gallery. Only JPG and PNG files are supported at this time.
This sample extension demonstrates how to add a menu to the AppBar that contains two menu items that open external URLs. The URLs are opened in a separate browser tab.

Please note: Themes and Extensions are an incremental feature that changes with each product release. The samples included with each release have been verified with that release only, and may not support backward or forward compatibility.

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