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My Parameters Functionality for Reports in #Cognos Analytics

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Mon August 28, 2017 07:20 AM

Overview of the “My Parameters” functionality

My Parameters allows users to set parameter and prompt values for reports such that when the report runs it uses their personal values by default.

For example, a user might always want reports to run for a specific Order methods and Product lines without being prompted, or have the prompts default to these preferred values.

Once an administrator has configured My Parameters, the user can set their own values which are automatically applied to reports when they are run.

A report can be authored with parametrized filters and no prompt pages and the user will not even be prompted to select values; the report will simply run with their selected values.

Alternatively, a report can be authored with prompts and the prompt selection will default to the user’s preference.

How to configure My Parameters

There are five basic steps to configuring My Parameters:

  1. Decide which parameters need to be exposed in My Parameters and determine a standard naming convention. For example, all Order method filters should use the same parameter name such as ?Order Method?
    a. Note: Parameters can also appear in non-filter expressions but filters is the most common use case.

  2. Author or modify reports to adhere to the naming convention.

  3. Determine which users need which parameters and create a role for each required combination of parameters. For example, if some users need only Order method and some users need only Product line while a third group of users need both, you should create one role for each group. Use role priority to manage scenarios where users have multiple roles.

  4. Add users to the required role or roles.

  5. Educate the users.

Once you set up My Parameters, it can reduce or eliminate scenarios where users are prompted for the same values over and over again.