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Reporting Enhancements in Cognos Analytics 11.0.4

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Fri September 16, 2016 03:16 PM

New Authored drill through in Interactive Viewer

Drill-through definition is now available when a report is set to run with full interactivity in R4. This allows you to benefit from the new capabilities in the interactive viewer, while continue to be able to drill through from report to report.

If the source report has full interactivity turned off, the target report will run in classic viewer only.

If both the source report and the target report have full interactivity turned on, the target report will open within the same window or in a separate browser tab depending on the drill through definition setting.

If the source report has full interactivity turned on and the target report has full interactivity turned off, the target report will always open in classic viewer in a separate browser tab even though the checkbox “open in new window” is unchecked in the drill through definition dialog.

Interactive Viewer startup performance optimization
You can expect to see 2-3 seconds less time spent with a minimum of 15% less memory usage when starting the interactive report viewer in 11.0.4 version. This has been exclusively tested using Internet Explorer. This result various report by report.

Data List formatting
The Data List control was introduced in Cognos Analytics 11.0.3. As of 11.0.4 you can style a Data List with the same properties as a regular List.

Context toolbar allows you to change font properties, foreground and background color, horizontal alignment and conditional formatting. You can also change data format on measures stored in this Data List.

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