Planning Analytics Tech Talk Series: IBM Planning Analytics - Beyond planning and budgeting webinar

When:  Jul 9, 2020 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (CET)

Planning Analytics Tech Talk Series

Excel is a great individual productive tool. But it can quickly turn to be a hell when people starts to use it as a data base to contribute in a collaborative way. In every department of any company of any industries, business users rely too often on these big Excel Hell applications. Even if some of these applications are extremely strategic and core business, organisations struggle to solve these problematic Excel use cases. Either because there is no commercial tool that fit their needs or because in house developments are too costly or not flexible enough to deal with frequently changing business requirements.

Discover how, with IBM Planning Analytics, you can solve these Excel use cases, building quickly robust and flexible application. IBM Planning Analytics offers in one tool, all integrated pieces to rapidly design tailored solutions:
- A highly performant read and write data repository
- Data connectors to automatically load your data sources
- A framework to create, in a drag’n drop style, attractive web application front en
- An analytics layer that provides self service dashboarding
- An Excel add-in to allow users to still work (if they prefer) with their favorite front end but with a centralized data base and workbooks
- A framework to create personalized task and approval workflow

Pascal Viguie
Technical Sales Specialist
Financial Performance Management


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