Super Helpful Features in Cognos 12 You May Not Know About

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When:  Apr 11, 2024 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

Calling all Cognos Analytics system admins and report developers! Cognos 12 has many cool, but not well known, features that streamline the Cognos environment and improve the user experience. If you have ever thought, “There must be a better way to do this” we have a great webinar for you. 

Join us to learn more about some of these useful features that may be hiding under your Cognos radar.  A few of the topics we will cover are: 

  •  Local file system bursting. Stop having users log in and run the same report every day. You can pre-generate these reports and have them ready and waiting for users on a shared drive.   
  • Setting up multiple gateways. If you have multiple users who connect to Cognos and authenticate against different systems, you can set up landing pages for each user group. Administrators can also have a master landing page to let them work in all namespaces.
  • Setting default parameters for report testing. Working with multiple prompts when you are deep in report development can be annoying. Having to pick a date range, customer name, and product number every time you want to test results can drive a person mad. Among other capabilities, the parameter screen lets you set default parameters for testing.
  • Alternatives to Analysis Studio in Cognos 12. Analysis Studio was deprecated and removed in 12.0.x. As an alternative, the Cognos 12 interface can be customized to imitate Analysis Studio functionality. 
  • Alternatives to Query Studio in Cognos 12. Query Studio was also deprecated and removed in 12.0.x. Bulk converting Query Studio queries to Cognos Analytics reports is available using a utility found in the Cognos installation directory.  We will show you how to use it. 


Todd Schuman
Practice Lead – Installations, Upgrades and Performance Tuning
Senturus, Inc.