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What is new with Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW78)

  • 1.  What is new with Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW78)

    Posted Mon August 15, 2022 05:14 AM

    What is new for Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW78)

    Rules must now be created and maintained on a modeling workbench

    As of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.78, rules must be created and edited on a modeling workbench. All options to open or edit rules have been removed from the Databases tree in books.

    New experience view now on modeling workbench

    The new experience view (or exploration) and new set editor are now available on the modeling workbench. Along with an improved look and feel, this new experience interface has several usability improvements and enhancements. Until now, the new experience interface was only available in Planning Analytics Workspace books

    Approvals and Rejections in Plans 

    Approvals and rejections are now available in the plans submission process. In addition, improvements to email notifications and the overall submission process make it easier to work with plans. 

    When you create a plan, you can now add approvers for each contribution group. The assigned approvers have the authority to accept or reject submissions. This is an improvement over previous versions of Planning Analytics Workspace, where an owner or co-owner could only reset an unsatisfactory submission.

    Remote Desktop user accounts (Cloud only) 

    Subscription administrators can now reset passwords for Remote Desktop user accounts from the new Welcome Kit settings page under Administration. Password reset can be done for a specific or all Remote Desktop users in an environment. 


    Important: This password reset feature applies only to Remote Desktop user accounts that use rich tier components to access TM1 and does not apply to Planning Analytics Workspace users.


    Updated menus for rows, columns, and data cells in views

    As part of the ongoing effort to standardize the Planning Analytics Workspace user experience, the menus for rows, columns, and data cells in the new experience view are now updated. 


    Adjust page size in books

    You can now adjust page size in books with the new zoom feature. Select a preset size to see your content at that magnification level, or resize the page view to fit the page or fit to the width of your window. In both cases, the page size is responsive and automatically adjusts to fit the page or window when you resize your window. 

    Note: The zoom feature works only in consumption mode.

    Enhanced data format feature

    An enhancement to the data format feature in views now lets you quickly see the data format that was applied on a row, column, or an entire view. 

    When you apply a built-in data format or custom format to a row, column, or the entire view, the pattern for that format is now retained in the Set custom format field under Custom format.

    Open set editor for a benched dimension

    In new experience views (or explorations), you can now open the set editor for dimensions that are on the bench.

    To open the set editor for a benched dimension, click the Bench icon in a view and double-click the dimension. You can also click the drop-down menu icon for the benched dimension and open the set editor from the menu

    Provide a direct path to a Planning Analytics Workspace folder 

    You can now share a URL to your tabs that are labeled: SharedPersonalFavorites, and Recents. You can also share a URL to provide a direct path to a folder within your tabs. 

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