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Upgrading from CAFE to PAX - missing functionality?

  • 1.  Upgrading from CAFE to PAX - missing functionality?

    Posted Wed August 26, 2020 12:03 PM
    I am planning on upgrading our 800+ CAFE users to the latest version of PAX.

    As I tested PAX I noticed 2 things that appear to have been removed.  I wonder if someone could verify that this functionality is indeed removed and/or if there is new functionality I should be using that replaces the old.

    1.  I can no longer reorder siblings on an edge in an Exploration.  While I can reorder sets, I can no longer reorder values like a set, calculation1, calculation2... if I want to move, say, calculation1 to the left of the set, I cannot.  The reordering appears to be limited to members within sets only.

    2.  I can no longer drag the results of a Metadata search from the search popup to my Exploration when using a Cognos Analytics DMR package as my data source.

    Are these functions deprecated?  Is there an alternative means of ordering columns or inserting members from a search result that I just haven't found in my testing?

    Thank you in advance for your insights!