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TM1Val Design Questions

  • 1.  TM1Val Design Questions

    Posted Tue April 23, 2024 12:28 PM
    Edited by Ryan Clapp Tue April 23, 2024 02:47 PM

    Moved to here:

    Why was TM1Val designed the way it was? We are exploring UniversalReports as a potential solution for our reporting needs and are finding the new formula cumbersome to implement, especially when moving from DBRWs. I am struggling to explain to our users why the new formula is such a departure from the old one. Why was it built like this? Before universal reports are broadly adopted these issues should be addressed. 

    • It requires 3 name parameters, URI, server, and cube why? This is difficult for average report developers to keep track of and not a huge value add. Most finance users don't know the URI is and don't care to. Why not just a sever prefixed cube name like before (or the ability to easily alias them in the connections settings)
    • Requires MDX syntax for element references. Why should report developers need to use MDX syntax to get a cell value? Couldn't it just use colon like rules does?
    • Why is it overloaded with a mode selector? Can we just have 3 functions (Tm1Val, Tm1ValWrite, Tm1ValClear). Overloaded functions make the behavior not obvious. Function overloading can lead to more error prone code.

    I would appreciated insight anyone can share

    Ryan Clapp