Planning Analytics with Watson

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  • 1.  tm1features.json

    Posted 11 days ago
    With the recent update to PAfE I stumbled upon two parameters in the tm1features.json file that I haven't heard of before. (Fixlist PAfE 2.0.79)
    We use the r56 and I know of some more but I couldn't find a list to see what parameters are available.
    Is there a complete list of parameters for tm1feature.json?

    BR, Matthias

    Matthias Mazaj

  • 2.  RE: tm1features.json

    Posted 2 days ago

    public feature flags (for general consideration) are mentioned in the main product documentation, there is no other listing.

    of course, there are internal (for IBM) flags to facilitate testing and production of the software, and a small number of non-public flags to support some specific business arrangements - neither of those latter two are suitable for general consumption. Some of these may be mentioned in the fix list for completeness, but I wouldn't suggest adjusting them without IBM's instruction/cause.

    Ted Phillips