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  • 1.  Standard Cogos Login Extension

    Posted 16 days ago

    Is there an extension somewhere that lets you modify the default login page?  I'm not trying to use the file which is a different looking page.  I'm just looking to change some text and the image for this screen on 11.2.4:

    Todd Schuman

  • 2.  RE: Standard Cogos Login Extension

    IBM Champion
    Posted 15 days ago
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    Hey Todd,

    I have not extracted the 11.2.4 login page. Maybe @Paul Mendelson has?

    Years back I created the asked for Daimler. Find the extension attached. Hope this helps you.

    Ralf Roeber


    zip   1.42 MB 1 version

  • 3.  RE: Standard Cogos Login Extension

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi, the other option is to upload a custom theme (spec.json) by which you can override thiings such as various labels and image.

    Shawn Crook

  • 4.  RE: Standard Cogos Login Extension

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Jim Boland 13 days ago

    Hi Todd,

    As @Shawn Crook describes, the easiest solution is to use a custom theme, assuming the changes you want to make are covered in what can be changed in the theme specification. If the changes you need go beyond these, you can (as @Ralf Roeber suggested) use an extension to make pretty much whatever changes you want. The login screen is a perspective, just like the other screens in the CA UI, and can be modified with extensions. With an extension, there are two approaches you can take:

    1.  Create your own new login perspective/screen (like or like the that Ralf provided. These create a new perspective/screen, then you can use the admin manage>customizations to choose this new perspective as the new login perspective (overriding the default one).
    2. You can continue to use the existing default login perspective, but modify/augment it with the extension (I think this sounds like what you might be after). 

    For this second approach, you can do something as simple as provide your own CSS to override the default styling for whichever elements of the UI you want to target on the login page (e.g. colors, fonts, background images, etc.) along with the CSS, you can include whatever other resources your changes need, in the extension (e.g. image files, fonts, etc.). (If you want to do even more interactive/functional changes, you can also include JavaScript to add behavior changes to the page.) The only "tricky bit" with the login perspective (that makes it different from all the other perspectives) is that you need to make the resources in it available before the user has logged in/authenticated. To do this, your extension should have a top level folder named "login" that contains all its resources. This tells CA to allow access to these resources BEFORE the user has logged in. (so the extension at its top level has only the spec.json file and the login folder. All other resources - images, css, js files - are under the login folder.

    In a similar discussion (but around changes to the home perspective), I uploaded a simple extension to the post ( that you can use as a model for modifying the targeted CSS styling changes that you want to make to the login perspective. (Note: to inject elements into the HTML DOM, etc. you will need to likely go a bit farther than CSS and need to add a little JavaScript to the extension)

    Jim Boland