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  • 1.  Reports on Report Generator

    Posted Tue August 25, 2020 10:48 AM

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing well.

    I am doing some experiments here and would be very happy to know how are you guys building your Report Generator reports.

    Do you build them on the "Database" sheet? If so, do you build them besides the "System Reserved Area" or in the midlle of it?

    Formatting or puting some formulas on this area is a bit risky when you have to add elements on dimensions, that's why I believe the best practice is to do this on a beside sheet.

    Thanks in advance for the responses.

    My best regards.

    Gilson Lins de Barros


  • 2.  RE: Reports on Report Generator

    Posted Wed August 26, 2020 09:07 AM
    Hello Gilson

    The following link from the User Guide provides information on best practice:
    Accordingly, it is recommended to build the report on a separate sheet to the one created by Controller (ie. the 'data' sheet) or outside of the 'report area' on the 'data' sheet.

    Kind Regards
    Teresa Yearwood

    Teresa Yearwood

  • 3.  RE: Reports on Report Generator

    Posted Mon August 31, 2020 09:21 AM
    Teresa, to be honest, I already now some of the best practices, I was just wondering how are people really doing there reports out there.

    Anyway, thank you for your response!

    My best regards.


    Gilson de Barros

  • 4.  RE: Reports on Report Generator

    Posted Thu August 27, 2020 10:12 AM
    Hi Gilson
    Here is how I prefer to do it:
    Depending on the type of report that is built, I often build the report in the area with the system formulas for figures.
    This way you can use the option to hide empty rows and columns when running the report.
    Just be sure to insert a few rows (maybe 20) above the data rows so you have enough space to build a heading that will not be overwritten when the layout is updated. (Make sure to always to say ok to update the layout when new accounts are added in the row definition!)
    I also insert a column before the figures to add the account names. You can also insert extra rows and columns in the data area without problem.
    This way the maintenance of the report is a lot easier, because new rows are inserted on the right place in the report, you just have to make sure that they have the right layout and that they appear on the right side of any additional rows you have added.

    With the same logic, if you build your own summations rows instead of using the data, you want to build it outside of the data area. I prefer to use the same sheet as it makes it easier to see where the data is coming from, but you can also use additional sheets. And of course if the report should contain of several sheets, you build the report that way. This way you use the data only as a base, and can build a report with a totally different layout of figures. For these kind of reports I prefer to work with an Index formula to get the data to the report sheets.

    Tip: I export the structure for each report separately to be able to restore them easily in case they would crash and the layout be destroyed (sometimes happening when making changes in the row definition). At least export before starting changing a report. Saves a lot of time!

    Kind regards

    Kerstin Kernwein

  • 5.  RE: Reports on Report Generator

    Posted Mon August 31, 2020 09:35 AM
    Hi Kerstin.

    Thanks for your response.

    What i realized is that working on "Data" sheet and on the "Report Area" really has its peculiarities, i mean, puting on some blank rows or columns will not be destroied if Row and Column definitions get modified, but if ou have formulas that retrieve account names for example, and these new acconts are placed as the first accounts on dimension, the formulas will not be aplaied to them, you have to copu and paste the formula after adding elements on the dimension. In the other hand, if you put new accounts in the middle or in the end of the dimension, the formulas will be aplied automatically.

    In my opinion, judging by IBM official recomendation from the link Teresa sent and by your own experience Kerstin, to be sure nothing will be lost when updating dimensions, looks like is best to build reports on a separate sheet. Using the "Data area" works fine in specific cenarios.

    Well, thank you all for your responses, I really apreciated that.

    Gilson de Barros