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  • 1.  Potential Cognos Certification update

    Posted Mon March 25, 2024 10:19 AM

    I am the Certification Program Manager for Data & AI at IBM. We are looking at potentially updating the Cognos Analytics certifications to v12 this year. I have a few questions: 

    • Do you have a need to certify on Cognos on the current version?
    • What job role would be most valuable to you: Business Analyst, Developer, Administrator, other?
    • How likely would you be to get certified at TechXchange if we had the v12 certification available?

    Please note that this is not a guarantee this exam will be developed.

    Jessica Fernandez

  • 2.  RE: Potential Cognos Certification update

    Posted Mon April 01, 2024 08:57 AM

    Great opportunity. Thanks for sharing, Jessica!

    Austin Rexroat IBM AI Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: Potential Cognos Certification update

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue April 02, 2024 06:35 PM

    I believe an exam for v12 is absolutely necessary. It is a major version release, even though practically speaking it is still very similar to v11. Managers and execs who care about certifications may not be aware of the similarities, and may require a v12 cert. 

    For me personally I don't believe I need to certify on the current version, until/unless it becomes necessary for the partnerworld program.

    For valuable to me would be Developer -> Administrator -> Analyst. 

    If I'm able to make it to TXC, I would absolutely take the cert exam. 

    It may also be prudent to develop a cert exam for using the Cognos APIs: CMS, SDK, Custom Controls, Extensions, Custom Visualizations. Especially if IBM continues to make Cognos more and more extensible.

    1. Cognos Integration Specialist Certification
    2. Cognos API Developer Certification
    3. Cognos Embedded Solutions Certification
    4. Cognos Extension Developer Certification
    5. Cognos Customization Expert Certification

    We could split it into multiple certifications:

    1. Cognos Embedded Solutions Certification - Focuses on embedding Cognos in other applications and utilizing Mashup Services.
    2. Cognos API Developer Certification - Concentrates on SDK, Extensions, Custom Controls, and Custom Visualizations development.
    3. Cognos Advanced Customization Certification - Covers advanced topics in customization, including deep dives into Extensions, Custom Controls, and SDK usage.

    Paul Mendelson