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  • 1.  Plans date feature is broken?

    Posted Tue February 02, 2021 02:52 PM
    I had some fun with the date feature in Planning Analytics (Plans) set up of the steps! We're UK based - and obviously - our dates are normally displayed as DD/MM/YYYY - PA very helpfully prompts the Administrator (as that's the only person that can??) to ENTER the date as DD/MM/YYYY .. except - when the date is entered - it converts to American format? PAw will occasionally figure out that a UK date has been entered (still converting this to show in US), but try amending it (say from 2/3/2021 - which SHOULD be 2nd March to 27th March and ... nope ... the date then gets pushed out to 2023!!! Queue ... frustrated ranting and occasional swearing.

    It seems as though this feature has only been 'finished' for US based customers, either way - it'll be confusing for customers expecting to complete plans by 2nd of March but only have 1 day to complete the process? Wouldn't it be better to do away with all that nonsense and standardise all dates to Japanese (YYYY/MM/DD) format, or better still - display the date entered as DD Mmm YY to avoid any confusion at all?

    David Ramos


  • 2.  RE: Plans date feature is broken?

    Posted Wed February 03, 2021 04:20 AM
    Echo your thoughts on this, should be able to recognise the data format of the users local browser for multinational implementations, or as you say a reverse date format of YYYY/MM/DD so dates sort numerically would at least help in the short term.

    Mark White