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Members getting lost while switching namespace

  • 1.  Members getting lost while switching namespace

    Posted Mon August 15, 2022 11:22 AM
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    We are trying to switch from LDAP namespace to SSO namespace for our cognos server.
    While we were switching from LDAP to SSO or vice versa and doing some testings, we found that we were missing the members/bluegroups attached to our cognos group/roles.
    Do we have any way without losing our members after we switch to any of the namespace?
    Attaching the issue as an image):

    Karthikayini Vineeka Kalidasan


  • 2.  RE: Members getting lost while switching namespace

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon August 15, 2022 01:02 PM


    If I'm understanding correctly, you have users and groups from your LDAP namespace added as members of groups and roles in your Cognos namespace? You're now trying to switch from using your LDAP namespace to using a different namespace for SSO? After logging in using the SSO namespace, you can then no longer see the LDAP users and groups within your Cognos groups and roles? Is that an accurate summary of the issue, or have I misunderstood?

    A couple of pointers and questions:

    1. Do you have a user or group in the SSO namespace which has been added to the System Administrators role in the Cognos namespace? If not, you won't have any Admin privileges when you log in using the SSO namespace.
    2. Have you tried logging in to both namespaces simultaneously? So for example, log in as a user from the SSO namespace, then without logging out, use the Log In link to log in a second time to the LDAP namespace. This will hopefully fix the issue you are seeing where the LDAP users and groups are not visible.
    3. Do you have a plan on how to migrate the security from using LDAP users and groups to using SSO namespace users and groups? Although the users and groups in each namespace might look the same, they will almost certainly have different CAMIDs behind the scenes, so Cognos Analytics will see them as different users and groups. You could use a tool like Security Migrator from BSP Software to quickly migrate them across if you want an easy solution:



    Mark Fry
    Technical Consultant