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FP5 Query Join/Bursting Bug?

  • 1.  FP5 Query Join/Bursting Bug?

    Posted Tue August 16, 2022 02:03 AM
    Edited by Yvonne Warmbier Wed August 17, 2022 04:50 AM

    Dear Community,

    We encountered a potential bug at a client after installing 11.1.7 Fixpack5, it seems to be reproducible. Please check if your environment is also affected.

    After the FP5 update a burst report is not delivering as before, cause is the query join behavior. If you join via different datatypes (not ideal, but sometimes a necessity) the indirect conversion leads to an incomplete result since the update. Instead of providing no record or an error message only one line - exactly the minimum integer value - is the result set. If you cast the varchar value in the query into an according integer the joined result set is valid again. Even adjusting the query behavior (database only) is not solving the issue, so I guess the report query engine is working differently now.

    This is currently a showstopper for my client to update the productive environment, as a couple of reports contain join queries and some might join via deviating datatypes too. I didn't recognize this subject in the discussions yet, any ideas?

    Best regards

    Yvonne Warmbier
    Project Manager, Senior Consultant and Coach for BI and DWH projects
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