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FYI "How to beat the recession with IBM PA" webinar next week

  • 1.  FYI "How to beat the recession with IBM PA" webinar next week

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri August 12, 2022 02:11 PM
    Hi fellow PA & TM1-fans:

    I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like the world is split in two: people who understand what PA/TM1 *is*, and why companies need it ... and then everyone else, whose eyes glaze over when you say the words "financial plan".

    So I got this opportunity to present on IBM's Expert Webinar series on Tuesday Aug 16 at 1pm EDT, in which I am going to try to convey the POWER and VALUE and FUN of PA to someone in the second camp.

    I am hoping to attract an audience that includes people in the IBM ecosystem - both customers and IBMers - who perhaps have some gaps in their understanding of PA.

    So I am posting this in the hope that you will help spread the word to anyone you think could use a bit of a primer. This will NOT be a features and functions presentation, but will focus on the business purpose, the power of building models, and what goes into doing that. And there will be a demo as well.

    Here's the registration link:
    Register here

    Thank you in advance!


    Ann-Grete Tan
    Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer
    QueBIT Consulting

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