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  • 1.  Dropdown visualisation disappears

    Posted 11 days ago


    Now and again the dropdown visualisation (in all dashboards) disappears. All others visualisations are still there. Any idea what is causing this ? (and how to avoid it) 

    kind regards

    Etienne Boerdijk

  • 2.  RE: Dropdown visualisation disappears

    Posted 10 days ago

    Never experienced. How do you overcome it, when it happens?
    Are you sure you are using the built in visualization, called "Drop-down list", and not the extension called "Filter dropdown" ?

    If you are using the extension, and you are on version 11.2.0-11.2.2, reach out to you are on a higher version, uninstall the extension and use the built in instead.
    If you are using the built in viz, contact support.


    Sandeep DHIRAD