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  • 1.  custom parameter in reports

    Posted Thu February 01, 2024 05:35 PM

    Got a question regarding parameters.
    I need to create a custom parameter. This parameter should contain about 4 values. Values are not in the database. Based on parameter selection, need to filter data.
    Parameter : paramCategory
    Cat A130, B89, T1, E2
    Cat B2, F4, F5, F9
    Cat D100, D390, V100
    Cat S12, A12, B45, N89

    Then in the record selection, I will need to filter records based on the parameter selection.
    If paramCategory = 'Cat A130, B89, T1, E2' Then
    EmployeeCat = 10
    else if paramCategory = 'Cat B2, F4, F5, F9' Then
    EmployeeCat = 13
    else if paramCategory = 'Cat D100, D390, V100' Then
    EmployeeCat = 15
    else if paramCategory = 'Cat S12, A12, B45, N89' Then
    EmployeeCat = 17

    Would like to know whether the above is possible. I am sure it is. I am coming from crystal report background and know how to do it there. 
    Still learning Cognos and couldn't find any reading materials on this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Dn Pr

  • 2.  RE: custom parameter in reports
    Best Answer

    Posted Fri February 02, 2024 03:56 AM


    You can simply achieve this with static choices in filter definition, as per attached screenshots

    Peter D'Haeyer

  • 3.  RE: custom parameter in reports

    Posted Mon February 05, 2024 04:53 PM

    Thanks for the reply. Works well. Much appreciated.

    Dn Pr