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  • 1.  Bullet Chart Source Data

    Posted Thu April 01, 2021 01:18 PM
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    We are trying to produce a bullet chart, however are finding it difficult to pick up the core data.

    In the attached screenshot, the two columns in red represent from the Exploration View what the bullet should display, ie Actual progress at month two against the years Budget

    Has anyone successfully picked up the exact columns from a view and dropped them into a bullet chart.

    We are on PAW v61 (local)




  • 2.  RE: Bullet Chart Source Data

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri April 02, 2021 08:04 AM

    Hi Ajay,

    The Bullet Chart requires the "Actual Bar" and "Target" options to come from Elements in the same dimension.
    So looking at the same cube view you have taken from 24retail as your example - you can set it up like the image attached where you can compare Actual with Budget - but the filters applied for the other dimensions (such as Month) must be the same.
    So you can compare Actuals for Feb YTD against the Budget for Feb YTD or you can compare Actuals for the Total Year vs the Budget for the Total Year.

    This is where sometimes in order to get a specific chart to show exactly how we want, we will end up needing to alter our cube designs (or add additional cubes) to match all possible configurations... or at least the configurations that we will want.
    For certain chart types you can sometimes make the data fit the chart you want by using the built in UI "Calculations" options first so that it doesn't require any development and could be done by an end-user. However, in this particular case I can't think of a way to transform that cube view into the format you would need to display Actual - Feb YTD vs Budget - Total Year without doing some development.


    Declan Rodger
    Technical Director
    Spitfire Analytics

  • 3.  RE: Bullet Chart Source Data

    Posted Fri April 02, 2021 09:36 AM
    Thanks Declan

    I reached the same conclusions on this as well. Feels like there is a little more that needs to be worked on with respect to these bullet charts.

    I'm loathed to change existing models, and building new ones to accommodate certain chart types is not filling me with glee either.

    I've raised the following request: