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Best Practices - Optimization of Planning Analytics for Excel

  • 1.  Best Practices - Optimization of Planning Analytics for Excel

    Posted Tue July 28, 2020 08:10 AM
    I have pooled information together around different settings - see below information

    Optimization of PAFE

    1. Planning Analytics for Excel / Caching – Users can clear caching related to Planning Analytics for Excel (PAFE) -
    2. DDE / Planning Analytics –
      1. Microsoft / DDE (Security Changes with 365) -
      2. Whether DDE is enabled or not enable should have no impact on Planning Analytics for Excel
      3. DDE is not required as part of using Microsoft Excel -
    3. Microsoft Excel and Compatibility Mode
      1. Compatibility mode can help with the rendering of information with Planning Analytics for Excel-
    4. Design Mode - Design Mode is a handy tool that can be used to enable or disable the refreshing of an Exploration View upon every change. You can now also use Design Mode to preserve or clear DBRW formulas when you are copying and pasting values into cells. Simply enable or disable Design Mode from the Data group in the IBM Planning Analytics -
      1. DBRW Formulas "The DBRW function is the most used function in TM1 reports. The more you understand the function, the faster you can generate, manage, and change reports. More importantly, the ability to diagnose error messages quickly comes in handy."


    There are many optimizations as such optimization settings can be dependent on many factors:

    1. The version of Microsoft Excel
    2. The complexity of your Microsoft Excel sheets
    3. The complexity of your Planning Analytics for Excel reports -


    I welcome input from Business Partners and clients when it comes to optimizing settings for PAFE (Planning Analytics for Excel)



    paul YOUNG