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Welcome to the IBM Spectrum Computing Group!

This group is the place to hear the latest news about IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony and IBM Spectrum Conductor.  Connect with other users and showcase your expertise.  Our team will be posting technical blogs & how-to videos on a regular basis covering a broad range of topics focused on HPC and AI.  

This is your group and a place to share your experience and learn from other users.  We look forward to your participation in this group. 


Latest Discussions

  • LSF CE package is updated now with fix to recent Apache log4j CVE issues. ------------------------------ YI SUN ------------------------------

  • Hello Yi Sun, Thank you. I've downloaded the PPT and I appreciate your response. We are already in touch w/ support and plan to do the upgrade next month. Regards, George

  • Hi George, You can find Webinar replay "Introduction to RTM 10.2" in the link below. You should contact support to get more info about the latest Fix Pack for RTM 10.2 Regards, ...

  • Hello Vlad, I realize this is an old post of yours. We will be upgrading from RTM 10.1 to 10.2 next month, and I'm looking for materials similar to what was on offer in the webinar to provide us insight into the differences between 10.1 and 10.2. Thanks ...

  • You can find details, including download information for IBM Spectrum LSF Community Edition here . ------------------------------ Gabor Samu ------------------------------

  • Where can I download Spectrum LSF for HPC evaluation version for one of my customer? ------------------------------ Satheesh Kumar Purushothaman ------------------------------

Latest Blogs

  • Much has been written in the media recently about chip shortages which are impacting industry worldwide. The electronic design automation (EDA) industry is highly competitive, with companies locked in a race to deliver innovative products to market faster. ...

  • All the best for 2022!!! We live in a results-driven world. Whether it’s an aerodynamicist waiting on simulation results to determine the efficiency of their latest model, or a doctor waiting on genomic pipeline results to determine next steps for ...

  • LSF has a long history of supporting a very diverse range of hardware and operating systems. Our x86 Linux distribution works with a very broad range of Linux distros . In the last few months we've had quite a few enquiries about CentOS Stream, Alma ...

  • In the world of high performance computing (HPC), hybrid HPC cloud has emerged as a key way for organizations to accelerate time to market, accommodate spikes in compute demand, reduce IT lead times, and control costs. Spectrum LSF provides out of the ...

  • Introduction pandas is a fast, powerful, and flexible open source data analysis tool, which is built on top of the Python programming language. We will show how easy it is to use pandas in IBM Spectrum Conductor to run data analysis and visualization ...

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