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Welcome to the IBM Spectrum Computing Group!

This group is the place to hear the latest news about IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony and IBM Spectrum Conductor.  Connect with other users and showcase your expertise.  Our team will be posting technical blogs & how-to videos on a regular basis covering a broad range of topics focused on HPC and AI.  

This is your group and a place to share your experience and learn from other users.  We look forward to your participation in this group. 


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  • What I normally do for situations like this is to set up the pre / post queue execute commands to run under the lsfadmin userID (see lsf.sudoers configuration file) and then allow the lsfadmin userID (through sudo) to create folders (mkdir), as well as ...

  • Hi Shali, In your original question, the directory is created as soon as user logon through ssh, is the directory created through profile for the user? If so I think -L option should help. The other way you may consider to use pre-exec program to ...

  • Thanks, I've tried it. The directory was not created, We probably can ignore this error message. I was wondering if anyone found a workaround for this, ------------------------------ Shali Boharon ------------------------------

  • Hi Shali, You may try bsub -L option. Regards, Yi Sun ------------------------------ YI SUN ------------------------------

  • We have noticed few tools ( probably gui based ) give error when running with bsub Error message is like : XDG_RUNTIME_DIR point to non-existing path '/run/user/18995' ..... When running the tool on the user VDI, it is OK. That directory is being created ...

  • I just read the limitations page again and I do not see anything that leads me to believe the resource connectors are not allowed. This is a major bummer for me, as I was hoping to get some at home learning with busting to the cloud provider's free ...

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  • Many enterprises are leveraging the agility, cost advantages, and convenience offered by the public cloud services model. High performance computing (HPC) is no exception, with organizations looking to provide cost- effective resources, with the ability ...

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  • IBM Spectrum LSF is constantly evolving to meet the needs of HPC environments as they grow in scale and complexity. IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1 Fix Pack 13 is now available. It includes new features in hybrid cloud, containerization, ease of use and more. ...

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  • LSF add-on product familay 10.2 Fix Pack 13( is released in June 2022. Please check detail in following link.

  • LSF 10.1 Fix Pack 13 is released in June 2022. More detail about this release can be found in following link.

  • Much has been written in the media recently about chip shortages which are impacting industry worldwide. The electronic design automation (EDA) industry is highly competitive, with companies locked in a race to deliver innovative products to market faster. ...

  • All the best for 2022!!! We live in a results-driven world. Whether it’s an aerodynamicist waiting on simulation results to determine the efficiency of their latest model, or a doctor waiting on genomic pipeline results to determine next steps for ...

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