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Welcome to the IBM Spectrum Computing Group!

This group is the place to hear the latest news about IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony and IBM Spectrum Conductor.  Connect with other users and showcase your expertise.  Our team will be posting technical blogs & how-to videos on a regular basis covering a broad range of topics focused on HPC and AI.  

This is your group and a place to share your experience and learn from other users.  We look forward to your participation in this group. 


  • IBM TechXchange LSF User Group

    To paraphrase Arnie, we’re back – after a COVID hiatus we’re once again holding our LSF Group at the Santa Clara Hilton on 16th May.   We hope to see you there. 

Latest Discussions

  • Hi Zheng Fa, >When I try to submit a pytorch ddp job with 16 GPUs on 2 nodes, I find it doesn't work. #BSUB -gpu "mode=exclusive_process:aff=yes" #BSUB -R "32*{rusage[ngpus_physical=8]}+32*{rusage[ngpus_physical=8]}" Replace the above ...

  • torchrun needs to be executed on all hosts (as you found out), so we use something like blaunch -z $HOSTLIST --nnodes=2 --nproc_per_node=8 --rdzv_id=100 --rdzv_backend=c10d --rdzv_endpoint=$HOSTNAME:29400 ./ where $HOSTLIST contains ...

  • Hi, I am a user of IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1. When I try to submit a pytorch ddp job with 16 GPUs on 2 nodes, I find it doesn't work. LSF will allocate 2 nodes with 16 GPUs to the job, but the job doesn't run correctly. It will block until I run the ...

  • The materials from the LSF User Group on May 16th in Santa Clara, are now available in the Library Thanks to all who attended. ------------------------------ Bill McMillan Principal Product Manager, IBM Spectrum Computing ------------------------ ...

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    RE: LSF Community Edition

    More can be found in quick stat guide . ------------------------------ YI SUN ------------------------------

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    RE: LSF Community Edition

    Hi Nitin, You will need to review and accept the license agreement . There are some cluster scale limitations in this edition, e.g. number of nodes, max number of cores on each node, max number of jobs to run, etc. You may not be able to use some advanced ...

Latest Blogs

  • I previously posted a blog which discussed visualizing Spectrum LSF data with Grafana. In that blog, I discussing using Grafana to pull data from Elasticsearch, which was logged by Spectrum LSF Suites using the included data collector (also included ...

  • Many enterprises are leveraging the agility, cost advantages, and convenience offered by the public cloud services model. High performance computing (HPC) is no exception, with organizations looking to provide cost- effective resources, with the ability ...

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  • IBM Spectrum LSF is constantly evolving to meet the needs of HPC environments as they grow in scale and complexity. IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1 Fix Pack 13 is now available. It includes new features in hybrid cloud, containerization, ease of use and more. ...

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  • LSF add-on product familay 10.2 Fix Pack 13( is released in June 2022. Please check detail in following link. #SpectrumComputingGroup

  • LSF 10.1 Fix Pack 13 is released in June 2022. More detail about this release can be found in following link. #SpectrumComputingGroup

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