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Next-Gen (v12) Rules and TI preparation

  • 1.  Next-Gen (v12) Rules and TI preparation

    Posted 25 days ago

    This may be another for @Hubert Heijkers.

    A few related questions in terms of functions for v12 in TI and Rules.

    In v11, we have new hierarchy aware functions e.g. ElementIsComponent which replaces ELCOMP if you change your code and add the reference to the primary or named hierarchy.

    1) Will the upgrade to v12 support only hierarchy aware functions?

    2) If so, will the upgrade automatically change from the old function to the new one and insert the primary hierarchy, at least in rules? TI will be problematic due to the use of variables and possibly sub-functions in the dimension reference.

    3) If the old pre-v11 functions are still supported would the upgrade also seek to enforce the notion of named hierarchies using <dim>:<hierarchy> syntax?

    4) Anything else that we should be considering as we build solutions today that we would want upgraded in the future without being a huge review and re-write?

    Thank you.

    George Tonkin