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PAfE VBA logon

  • 1.  PAfE VBA logon

    Posted 16 days ago


    We're successfully using VBA code below to connect to a TM1 instance with IntegratedSecurityMode=5.

    bSuccess = CognosOfficeAutomationObject.Logon("", "domain\user", "My_Password", "Namespace")
    bSuccess = CognosOfficeAutomationObject.Logon("", "domain\user", "My_Password", "TM1_intance")

    We have upgraded PA components and upgraded PAfE from 2.0.74 to 2.0.91, and I now see the following behavior that I cannot explain.

    1. When executed on my workstation (Office 365), bSuccess returns True.
    2. When executed directly on the server where Planning Analytyics is installed (running Excel 2016), using the same xll, bSuccess returns False although I can see via TM1Top that user is logged on.
    If I then run the same two bSuccess lines again, bSuccess in the end returns True.

    Any clues as to what could explain this?

    Thanks in advance. 

    Herman Teeuwen