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MaximumUserSandboxSize Impact & Behaviour

  • 1.  MaximumUserSandboxSize Impact & Behaviour

    Posted 2 days ago


    I would like to understand how this parameter is used by the TM1 server. Does this limit only applies to memory for input data for Sandbox, or does it also applies to memory for calculated cells and memory for feeders as well? 

    Consider that if we have a sophisticated calculation model. We can make a parameter change in a sandbox, in one or two cells, but this may impact the resulting calculation in millions of cells. In this case, does this limit on sandbox size, applies only to memory for input cells, or does it impact the overall memory that is required to calculated the resulting/impacted millions of cells?

    and what happens when this limit is reached? Does it stop calculating results and giving any #NA errors? or does it slow down due to this limit? or does it throw an error message and stop displaying any results for the sandboxes?

    I would appreciate if someone could explain the expected behavior of this parameter. 

    Some of the calculations that are very quick in BaseData, are becoming very very slow in sandboxes, and I am wondering if playing with this parameter will help. and I also need to find out what I can do to solve this problem with slow sandboxes? 

    Kind regards,


    Mucahit Erdal

  • 2.  RE: MaximumUserSandboxSize Impact & Behaviour

    Posted 2 days ago
    Edited by Svetlana Pestsova 2 days ago
    Hi Mucahit,
    The sandbox size in MB would hit soft limits to permit admins to estimate resources.
    If the limit hits it will trigger an OutOfMemory error, then you should see the warning "CheckSandboxUsage: OutOfMemory Exception <<< MEMORY_SANDBOX_POOL_EXCEEDED >>>." appearing in the tm1server.log file and the associated API call will fail with an OutOfMemory exception. First, check for those entries in the tm1server.log file. 

    This one just pertains specifically to sandbox usage, and since it is tested at this low level, it could be anything related to sandbox usage. Basically any activity that causes a sandbox to ask for more memory. Please, note

    Svetlana Pestsova